Did not clump properly after a while

Went through two bags of this but while it would clump brilliantly for the first week it did not maintain that standard. Clumps would collapse crumbling in the scoop as it was being moved. I have two litter trays in different locations and it was the same for both (so wasn’t the environment as one was in a humid location and the other very dry). Using it for a month meant it started to become like a sticky clay at the bottom of the tray that required scraping to get loose.
11/01/18 | Vicky Waring

Best litter!

This is great, it forms solid clumps and lasts a long time if all the smallest of clumps are removed.

The best

Best litter my cats have used! Odour control fantastic! Will keep buying this one after years of searching for a decent litter
07/03/18 | J.Pidgeon

Best cat litter found in 30 years

I purchased this litter along with Tigerino Nuggies. Have one litter tray of each in the house. Both cats using only the tray with Biokat diamond and leaving the other tray unused. I had two bags of Tigerino ,probably won’t be used. Will always use Biokat diamond in future and purchase along with my foodorder. Always pleased with Zooplus delivery. Is so quick.
10/09/17 | Laura

Excellent all rounder

I've tried a few clumping litters but this one is far superior. Clumps stay solid & don't break apart, the litter hides odour extremely well & it's easy on my cat's paws.
08/04/17 | Anna

Very good cat litter

My cats love it. Me too. It is long lasting, easy to clean, clumping properly (clumps don't break while cleaning) and it really does absorb smells.

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