10/10/21 | Virginia Forbes

Wouldn't use anything else

Have 2 Cats, 2 large flapped litter boxes and these are perfect. The bags open easy and stretch to fit securely. The blue padding is great its absorbing and controls the urine odour. A bit more expensive but well worth it .

09/06/21 | Omar

Clean and convenient

Very easy to use.


Saved my sanity

Incredible cat litter. Two indoor MC kittens using tray 15+ times per day: With previous 'clumping, wood-based' litter, highly rated, the stench was unbearable, kittens left litter all over the floor & always scratched holes in the bags. This litter is amazing, almost no smell and literally one grain left on the floor in 24 hours! The size of the mat is a tad small for their XL tray, but stretched it to fit! The mat means no more holes. Litter scoops easily if removed early. A life-changer!

05/08/21 | Marion Dowling


Terrible cat litter! Very expensive and only lasted two days with my two indoor cats. Wrapping did not fit properly in litter tray I purchased from Zoo plus. When I cleaned it on day one the wrapping broke. Very poor quality and did not control odour at all.

03/12/21 | Giacomo Persichini

Loads of dust, smelly and unsafe

I normally use clumping litter but I wanted to test this other type and Catsan seemed highly recommended. There is no odour control as described by the product. With just one cat, the litter started to smell very distinctively immediately after the first day of use. The litter is EXTREMELY dusty. My cat is prone to conjunctivitis and he got it again after being free from it for months after a week of using this litter. Liquids definitely do not end up being locked in the grains.

07/21/20 | Tereza


Saves so much time, it’s easy and my cat loves it

03/26/20 | Donna


Just been introduced a couple of week ago to this product and it has changed my life! Absolutely amazing and I promise you no smell at all from it, yes it’s more costly but worth every cent! Highly recommended and my gorgeous girl loves it! 🐱

01/09/19 | Leslie

not just convenient packaging - litter game changer!

I wish I tried these sooner! I thought it was just litter pre-packed in a rubbish bag (ie waste of money). The absorbent mat makes a huge difference - works for my 2 indoor cats for 1 week.

12/13/18 | sophie Ride

Life saver!

I purchased these for my outdoor cats when they had to come in as they'd been spayed. They are the best cat product ever invented! I think i'd of had to give away my cats if i'd of had to clean the litter tray in the normal way. They're so easy, take about 20 seconds to unwrap and place over the tray and best yet taking off the old is so easy as you wrap it up. They smell hygienic and the cats really enjoyed using the tray and this litter! Will always use when they have to be kept indoors.

11/14/18 | Rowena


We have 3 indoor korats and have tried all variations of litter,these are the most effective and we use 2 litter trays and my babies love this litter it is a little bit more expensive but you get what you pay for fantastic product would never use a different system,more hygienic too don’t need to replace litter trays so frequently brilliant and buying from Zooplus you save £££ over the years,highly recommend 😻😻😻👍👍👍

05/30/18 | Gina

The best thing ever

I couldn't be without this cat litter. Super absorbent stones leave no smell at all and each pack for my cat at least, lasts about one week.

05/21/18 | Linz


I've been using these for over a year now, they are excellent. Wish i'd of found them sooner! In supermarkets they cost £7.99 for 1 pack, Zooplus is a lot cheaper at less than £6.00 for 2 packs! I usually bulk buy enough for 3 months. They last my 2 cats for a week, I scoop every day and it doesnt smell at all. I would never use any other cat litter.

04/17/18 | Alexis Kelly

really really good for indoor cats

I have used this product for years. I used to buy the large bags of Catsan when I had more cats (more economical) but now I have just the 2 indoor kitties. I have seen this priced as much as £8.00 in some supermarkets which is why Zooplus is such a good deal. The cats like it, I like it - totally win win


Not for my cat but good

Not for my cat as he loves to destroy it and make a mess but it is a good product.

03/09/18 | Helen


Love these i have used them for years.

01/08/18 | Kimberley matthias


Have tried a number of other cat litters on the market but this is by far the best even though it is a little more expensive. It is the best for odder and also easy to clean up. Will definitely be only using this product from now on

12/10/17 | Suzi


Very pleased. Super fast delivery. One of my cats likes to shred other cat litter liners to shreds when he uses the tray. Not these! A great convenient way to change the litter tray.


Best one so far!

I really like these litter packs. They are easy to change, the litter doesn't smell, lasts easily for a week for 2 cats. The only negative point I have is that it tracks quite a bit.

09/04/17 | Christian Landolt


My title says it all!



Won't buy anything else now. So quick and easy to use and lasts too. Wee bit more pricey but definitely worth it.