06/08/22 | Nina

Cats love it, so do I

Super happy with this litter. Not too messy and the cats prefer it over the wood clumping litter we have used before. Very easy to scoop.
01/11/21 | Syndi

So far so good!

Only received it today. First impression - fantastic! Extremely well and fast clamping, clamps are rock hard, don't break, so easy to clean! No ammonia smell whatsoever (using previous litters we suffered a lot especially that we have a 14 weeks old boy), nice baby powder smell. Can't say much about tracking yet but after first use I've noticed barely any tracking left. Delighted!
11/21/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

very unpleasant for hands and paws

I wanted to try a different litter and decided on this one, because it's important for me to have something natural sadly I have to say that as soon as I took the litter in my hands and pressed it gently, I had a bad feeling.. let alone for paws running across it. The litter is quite sharp and it's almost painful to take in your hand and press together... My cats stopped using the litter box because of this
05/07/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Never again

My cat never liked this litter and dragged it all over the apartment. I won't be buying again.
01/05/20 | Csilla Fekete

Best ever

We are all happy with this litter. Super clumping but easy to remove, no smell, no dust and sneeying and only a very little mess around the litter box.
06/04/18 | Caroline Grace


Litter tracks. But I’ve not found much with this one! We usually use the flushable Greenwood’s or similar. I’m currently fostering Mum & 4 kittens & they had some awful cheap stuff supplied & the room smelt constantly of ammonia. This stuff has been amazing. The fragrance is really, really light. I barely noticed it. No issue with dust. The clumps are marvellous & so easy to scoop our. The whole small bag did only fill one medium covered litter tray but the way it clumps I feel it‘ll last
05/16/18 | Mari

Very good product!

It's very good for indoor cats; it's very clumpy, removes the bad odours and doesn't make much mess as the flushable ones do. I love it! *****
03/03/18 | Richard

Excellent Litter

After our usual litter was discountinued we tried this....I love this litter, it clumps in to solid masses for liquid waste and the cats have no trouble burying their solids with it. It does have a slight baby power scent i find this is effective at neutralising the amonia smell of urine. Yes it tracks... but doesn't all litter.
02/28/18 | fudge bishop

greenwoods clumping litter

i made a mistake and did not remember this litter and ordered something else...stupidly...this litter is clean and easy to use.want to remember the name next time
01/20/18 | Ruth Stallwood

2nd review

I have already posted a review on this litter which I have used for a while. I just wanted to say that I’m now finding this tracks a lot more lately. Apart from having to hoover litter up daily all over the place because of the tracking, it’s great. If the particles were larger then it wouldn’t track and would be perfect.
07/05/17 | Victoria Jones

It works !

Having used everclean for years tried this as everclean now too expensive and has changed to a gritty texture which also meant clumps were bigger then didnt last as long as before Have tried many others in my search for a fine grain sweet smelling litter at an affordable price saw this and without much hope had one bag delivered and wow its everything I wanted plus big bonus as a multicat household all the cats prefer it so really recommend this litter
03/18/17 | Diana

Works fantastically for our 2 Burmese cats

We have 2 (brother & sister) 16 1/2 year old Burmese cats. This litter does not create as much dust as other clumping, clay litter does. It is a finer grain though which makes it track on the floor slightly more - even with a tracking mat outside the litter box. But we have actually grown to prefer this litter for our cats because it: a) keeps odour at bay b) creates less dust and c) clumps well.
08/29/16 | ruth stallwood

An honest review to anyone considering this litter for their cats

Last month having read the reviews decided to give this a try, and i must say i am delighted with it. I have 3 cats & 1 large covered litter box, and this is cleaned once a day, and i have no unpleasant smells in my home at any time. This type of litter needs to be a good 4 to 5 inches deep, and you need a good sturdy scraper. It clumps well, no dust, & little tracking. Prior to trying this i used another Bentonite litter not sold by Zooplus, was very dusty, and tracked a lot more to.
03/09/16 | Maluna

Best ever!

After trying several litters we landed on this on. No tracking, good clumping, no dust.. Cats love it! We had 2 litterboxes with different litter to try and find the perfect one. Cats used only the one with Greenwood. We are never changing again.
10/20/15 | Leanne

Wow! Finally!

I have tried so many litters, and it has been a very costly exercise, including a trip to the vet for both of my Maine Coons for eye infections from one of them. Finally, I have found the Holy Grail of litters! It is such a relief! I was hoovering two to three times a day from tracking, had to change the others every couple of days as they did not clump well or the smell was too much to bear. THIS litter however, is beyond the best! I can't believe how excited I am about cat litter!! There is NO tracking at all, NO smell, and the clumping is solid! It is so easy to clean and you are left with a fresh and clean litter tray after every potty patrol! I very strongly recommend this litter!!
10/19/15 | Jenny Moore

Better than a lot of others

This is really good. Acceptable to a fussy cat, keeps the smell in the tray (apologies to cat, I don't empty it often enough), clumps are easy to scrape out of tray. Best of all, it doesn't trail anything like other varieties
10/12/15 | Jenny

Low odour clumps well

Found this litter to be quite good overall. I'm not sure any litter I have used would earn 5stars as they all have some bad points. I have given 4 stars as it clumps well(you need a deep layer to prevent sticking to bottom of tray) it does track a bit but with an off cut off highish pile carpet outside the tray this solves the issue and can be vacuumed and changed as required over time. I have found odour control good as long as you scoop out 2x a day at least. This is all based on one cat use in a large tray.
08/26/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


The best litter I've ever tried! Clumps really well and no bad smells! Very happy
08/25/15 | HMG

Failed to deliver :(

I had high hopes for this litter, having read the reviews, but it has failed to deliver for my cats. Compared to my usual brand I found this to track a lot. I have litter tracking from the bathroom, through the hall and even to the other living areas! Also, I found it started to smell by the end of the day - I work all day and my outdoor cats still come home to poop, leaving a not very pleasant odour wafting about when I get home.
08/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Greenwoods Natural Litter

I've got a Maine Coon and am very impressed! It's very economical and low in dust, which is very important for me because I have lung problems. Very fast delivery too!

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