17/12/22 | svitlana ivaschenko
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After many tries of different brands I finely keep this one..it clumps well and easy to scoop, less odour and dust compare to many other expensive liters brands .
04/11/22 | MK
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No bad smell

I tried almost all brands of flushable litters. This one is a lot less bad smelly . Also somehow my cat do not carry out any dirt compared to competitive brands.
07/05/22 | Jenny Collins
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Switched to this after years on clay clumping

This litter is excellent. Clumps cleanly, little wasted. I have switched to this after many years being convinced that clumping clay litter works best. Pluses and minuses: + My multi-cat household uses this happily. + Its lighter in weight to muck out. Easier on my arms and neck. + Smells great. - It does track... But then they all do. + My house is less dusty since I switched to this.
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Great litter with no dust

My cats were used to standard clay cumpling litter before and they were happy to use the litterbox, however I didn't like all the dust it made and was afraid it would be harmful for them and their little lungs in the long run, this is why I tried the plant fiber one. They switched to it very easily, it has a nice texture, does clump properly and it makes absolutely no dust! I'm delighted with it.
23/03/21 | DC
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Absolutely horrible

The litter produces very little smell. However, the grains spread ALL OVER. Your new life will be vacuuming all day.
07/10/20 | Jen
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Perfect for my two ktitens

I was previously using catsan clay litter was was terrible and had to be changed every other day with two healthy kittens, even though we had two trays. It was messy and I didn't necessarily love the fake scent to it. This litter is SO easy to clean, the clumping works fantastically so you only take out dirty litter which means you don't have to change it as often. Bonus that it can be dumped in the compost at the back of the garden to so there's no waste. I would highly recommend.
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Good for my cat, and my conscience

I only recently changed to clumping litter, with mixed thoughts. They all glued down to the plastic box. This one smells pleasant, clumps but doesn't turn into cement, or have that fine dust like cement. I imagine that would make it good for allergies, and I'd definitely recommend this for older cats, or cats with tender paws, as it's much softer on them
10/09/19 | Dympna
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Very Good Litter

I changed from a much cheaper clay cat litter to this a while back as the clay/stones were getting caught under furniture and scratched the wooden floors - this does track a bit but I also bought new cat trays with surrounds which helped a good bit - this is very easy to use and I love the fresh 'wood' smell...
19/01/19 | Louise Bell
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This is excellent!

I recently acquired an elderly, 3-legged rescue cat so had to start with a litter tray again (my other cats go outside). I tried various supermarket litter which was rubbish & costing a fortune because the tray needed changing so often. This is about the same price but lasts MUCH longer. It's very absorbent, forms a nice, neat clump which is easy to pick out & there's no wee smell. No problem with tracking but cat only has 3 small feet & short hair. Will definitely buy this in future.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk

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