Litter Champ & Litter Locker

These practical cat litter disposal systems are perfect for every cat household. Specially developed to prevent nasty odours from escaping into your home, the LitterLocker and Litter Champ can both make cleaning up your cat's soiled litter easier and more hygienic than ever.

4 products
4 products

Refill cartridge for use with the LitterLocker II hygienic disposal system for soiled cat litter. Contains a film tube with AIR-SEAL technology to trap odours, bacteria and germs for up to 2 months.

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Refill Cartridge

Was €11.49


Hygienic disposal system for soiled cat litter, with refill cartridge. The multi-layer barrier film refill with Air Seal technology traps bacteria and bad odours for up to 2 months.

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LitterLocker® Fashion (incl. refill cartridge)

Was €45.99

Bundle: LitterLocker® Fashion + 3 x Refill Cartridge

individually priced €68.46

1 x Refill Cartridge

Was €10.99

Economy Pack: 3 x Refill Cartridge

Modern cat litter box with litter scoop, open all the way around and with a lowered entry and high side walls, easy to empty and clean using the litter emptying system and the flexible material.

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Was €43.99


Clever waste disposal system for cat litter, particularly hygienic and with a magnetic closure, as well as multi-layer airtight film to keep unpleasant odours sealed inside.  

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LittyCat (incl. one cartridge)

Was €30.99

LittyCat Refill Cartridge
Saver Pack: 3 x LittyCat Refill Cartridge

individually priced €22.47


€6.16 / unit

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