01/10/18 | Mandy


I keep trying different litters that people rave about but keep coming back to this. 4 very fussy OSHs but they share one tray happily because this is so easy to scoop it's like a fresh tray every day. One box lasts us 10 days & it's fine enough to be picked up by the vacuum cleaner if any tracks or spills. Highly recommended trying it, especially if you've got a multi-cat household.
11/13/17 | Z Smith

Great clumping litter

After having tried several types of litter, I wouldn't use anything else other than the clumping type. For years, I've used Tesco's Ultra Clumping which was great, but for some reason they've discontinued it. It took me several false attempts to find this one as a replacement and it works great. I always remove the clumps as soon as I notice them (several times a day) and top it up, so the litter box is always fresh and clean.
04/06/17 | Beth

Best cat litter, clumps are strong, and has less dust than others

I started using this about 6 weeks ago. I have three fussy Somalis, and they'd been using the same clay based litter for a long time. I switched to this, since I was looking for a dust-free cat litter...and have been delighted with it. The litter smells very nice, and is a nice consistency. When I pour it into the litter tray, it doesn't create a cloud of dust. The cats liked it immediately, and started using it straight away. The clumps are very strong and don't break apart. Very good litter!
03/14/17 | Susanne

great clumping, but horrible tracking

Disappointing, because the tracking makes this otherwise relatively good product unusable. I don't like the chemical smell very much, but it isn't too strong. The clumping is really great, but again, the granules were distributed all over the flat, which made the whole litter useless.
02/09/17 | Sharon Tunnicliffe


I have always used wood based litter but decided to give this a trial. When I put the first lot of litter in the tray I thought 'this won't last long' but I was wrong. It clumps really well and is very easy to clean out and the odour control is also good. It is a fine granule so it does tend to get end up on the floor but overall, a much better choice.

Almost Purrfection

My cat is quite fussy about litter. He'll never stray from the box, but I can tell when he's not happy with it as he meows complainingly a great deal before using it then he'll "forget" how to bury his business and go frantic for ages scratching the sides of his boxlike he thinks that'll eventually cover it. I figured out that maybe some litters are to rough on his paws. Because this stuff is so fine, it's very soft and easy under paw, and though it has a nice fragrance, it's not over powering but certainly conceals odor very well. The multi pack offer is a bargain. The only thing I'd fault is the packaging. Whilst it's easy to pour, I have had boxes leak from the opening before being opened and there's always quite a lot left that gets stuck in the box and won't pour out. I end up tearing it appart to get the last bit out as I can't stand waste, but the box is murder to tear open. Perhaps a larger funnel opening with a sturdier seal would solve the problem.

Best cat litter

Me and my cats have tried lots and lots of different cat litters, and none are as good as this. It clumps really well and has a nice smell. Handy packaging with an opening to pour it straight into the litter box. Highly recommended.

Highly recommended

Have tried lots of different cat litters over the years and I have to say it clumps very well and covers the smell brilliantly. Makes it very quick and easy to clean. The opening in the box makes it even more handy, and adds the final touch to a wonderful product.

Good but not excellent

I used Sanicat clumping gold for a long while, but after a couple of days there was always a smell of wee despite clearing out the clumps. So I gave this one a try, and I prefer it. It clumps well and the slight scent is fine, but again is not great at odour control. After using this, I have found a silica litter which I much prefer. But if you like microgranule bentonite litter, you'll like this.
11/18/15 | Gemma

sanicat zen cat litter

brilliant, lasts ages, clumps great and no odour
04/26/15 | VMC

Very dusty

Caused a lot of sinus irritation for both my husband and me. I won't purchase again.
04/04/15 | TIna


My cat walked straight to the box it was delivered in to smell the lotus scent! She has been calmer chirpier than normal, she is a 19 year old cat and she suffers from allergies. AS, it's hard for me to get out it's been difficult to get cat litter for her as, we moved home she no longer wants to go outside. This is a fine cat litter, yet it is easy to dispose of. THe added bonus is that it smells nice too so it's helping to keep the odours down. Very impressive. I usually use catsan pink which she absolutely loves. very impressed thank you I will definately be buying this again when it's on offer. This has made things less of a headache for me.
02/15/15 | Emma W

Excellent litter

I have nine cats and they all love this litter! It doesn't smell like other clay litters and the clumps are really easy to clean out of the box. 10/10!

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