Perfect! No odor, clumping well, good price.


not happy

I usually buy the Tigerino Canada Cat Litter and I am happy with this. But it was sold out so I bought this one. The difference is unbelievable, it does not clump as well and gets stuck to the paws. Once my cat used it the smell is very unpleasant. I will go back to use the Canadian Cat Litter.

06/11/21 | Ewelina Kolanek


Absolutely horrible cat litter. Dusty, low clumping abilities, sticks around cat's claws just to turn into hard clump. Avoid.


Nice litter

Lovely discreet fragrance, no dust. Stays fresh well (I have 3 cats and they all insists on using the same litterbox). The clumps could hold a tiny bit better (hence 4*) but overall I would say that this litter is better than another, more expensive, clumping cat litter from the same brand that I have been using for years. Bigger bag is an added bonus.

12/14/18 | TL

does not clump consistently

Litter does not clump consistently and breaks. After 3 weeks the litter (especially the fresh scent) smells horrid. Has to be changed regularly.

11/07/18 | Mia

Well accepted but leaves muddy prints behind

We have used wood pellet and cat's best before. Recently bought Tigerino on offer to give it a go. Overall the "poo master" (ie my OH) prefers this to other types of litter. It absorbs smell very well, when used with a proper mat it hardly track. It does, however, stick to the bottom a bit, making it not as easy to scoop as other clumping litter. We also have muddy prints as a result of it not dry soon enough (we have two young kittens who enjoys excessive burying).

10/26/18 | Jozsef

Perfectly clumping, no odour at a great price.

Clamping quickly and wonderfully, any "product" can be removed as one solid ball, leaving the rest of the list 100%clean. It is unbelievable value for the quality you get.

10/17/18 | Carolyn Pyett

Excellent litter but...

This is fantastic litter in that it soaks up liquid really well, leaving easily removable clumps. The odour is lovely too and the cats have picked the litter tray with this in it over another brand! The only downslde, and the reason for taking one star off, is the tracking...this stuff gets everywhere! I have got the mats that are supposed to stop this litter from being tracked but they don't stop it, it still tracks because it's so fine.

09/02/18 | Charlotte

Smelling fresh

Been using this for the best part of 2 years and it's without doubt the best cat litter I have used. I have 2 cats and they use one litterbox. The cats love it and it smells fresh.


Pleasant smell but not really clumping

The product is okay, smells nice and my cat didn't complain about the change, however it doesn't really clump, when I go to scoop it up it crumbles apart and it's not easy to just get rid of the clumps.

05/09/18 | Hannah

Good litter

Clumps together very well. Would track and be visible if you had a light carpet. Very cheap compared to others i have used nice light scent also. Will buy again.

04/09/18 | Justin Howard

Not All Clumping Is Created Equal

I'm going to compare Catsan Ultra, Golden White (Golden Grey brand), and Tigerino Nuggies. None of them are perfect. The Catsan is expensive, the Golden White a little too powdery/scented. Nuggies combats the first two but lets itself down by its clumping power. Value: excellent Tracking: minimal compared to the others Clumping: meh - you need great care - like playing 'Operation' such that you don't disrupt any pee-balls. Golden wins for clumping. Nugs for tracking/value. One of the best.

03/20/18 | Margaret

Good litter for clumping

This was great for clumping the litter But. The amount of grains throughout the house was unbelievable. I was forever brushing up all day. It was that bad. I lasted for 2 weeks. And couldn’t cope anymore. And changed back to my other one.

02/07/18 | Jude

Best Litter So Far !!

Like other customers, I have 5 rescue cats and have tried many combinations of litter in an attempt to find the perfect mix. I read the good reviews of this product & I am thrilled I decided to give it a go. Waste is always removed within the hour, and I have experienced absolutely no bad odours at all, in fact quite the opposite! Cleaning the trays has become half the job it used to be and I'd happily recommend this product.

01/13/18 | Nadia

Two cats

I have tried few cat litters, this one is best by value and clumping qualities. I wish that I was able to order more than 1 twin pack in coarse size.



My elderly rescue cat always preferred to do her business in the garden but gets me up at all hours to let her out due to being nervous of using her cat flap after dark. She's taken to her jumbo box like a duck to water, now preferring to use it for pee pees but still likes to pooh in the garden as yet. TIGERINO NUGGIES is so clean & easy to manage with hardly any tracking & lasts ages due to the superb clumping, & fresh smell. I also get a good a good night's rest so we are both happy now!

01/01/18 | Andrea Abbott

fantastic and affordable

I found the coarse grain excellent for the extra large litter tray, but not so great for corner trays and smaller trays where you just can't get the 7cm depth. saved by the finer grain one which works excellently in smaller boxes. I was worried about lifting the trays to be cleaned but because you scoop out lumps the tray isn't heavy. for the coarse grain, I recommend a garden trowel as a plastic litter scoop isn't man enough

09/06/17 | SK McC

Clumps well but tracks well

We tried this after switching from non-clumping litter and was very pleased. Clumps well, not much odour. Our cat drinks well which does however result in huge clumps that end up quite heavy that require daily scooping. Fine grains end up tracking throughout the house - not outrageous but it does stick between pads and paws which means the bathroom is constantly 'grainy' and sometimes our bed falls victim to a few crumbs.

08/15/17 | Jane

Less mess & waste

Clumps really well, scatters less, so less mess & less wasted cat litter. Didn't really notice the 'Fresh' fragrance, but seems to contain the piddle pong quite well, so well worth a try.

08/04/17 | Lynne


Lovely fine sand with no daft aromas but boy does it stop any smell. Urine goes into a small clump which is easily removed and flushes away. No waste and just top it up after loads of clump removals. I have tried lots of really expensive brands over the years but this is definately the best. 5* recommendation.