07/07/21 | K.S

used to be the best

I have bought Tigerino clay litters for over 10 years. Recently the litter has become very dusty, so dusty I have to keep the lids open 24/7 and when I clean up then there is dust all around the litter tray and me trying not to breathe it in(imagine what the cats feel when they use the toilet and it would have a lid on). First I noticed it on a Vanilla scented version, thought that maybe it was a bad batch. Next time ordered Lemongrass and then Sensitive. All of them had the same problem!
03/20/19 | AJ

Very good litter

I’ve been using this brand of litter for my two indoor cats for the past 2 years. I tried all the types in the supermarkets and they were all terrible then I tried this and it was great. Contains smell, only needs to be changed out fully once a month, the only downside is that it tracks a bit on the carpet, even with a litter Matt. Having recently tried other brands, I’m ordering more of the tigerino as I never thought possible for the amount of tracking out of other brands like Greenwood’s!!
07/14/18 | anne hanley

Best and I've tried a few

Excellent clumping use large storage box with lid and a hole cut in the side 4 cats use 2 boxes and 1 bag between the 2 lasts 4 wks scoop every day tried other litter this is the best

Does exactly what it says on the packet!

Previously used a litter which tracked and was very dusty. After reading the reviews I ordered with confidence! Not disappointed. It stays in the tray and as it’s a powder it doesn’t track with my cat! Amazing the way it clumps! I literally took out three scoops! No pet odour at all!👏👌
05/16/18 | Skye

So good!

Great clumping , last ages,smell is good & odour control is great . Only wish it was a little cheaper as bag size has been reduced . Cat love it
04/26/18 | Natacha

Trigerino Canada sensitive

My cat doesn't like litter with added scent so the sensitive one is perfect for him. Originally, I was using Catsan but this is 100% better. Doesn't smell, clumps really well and lasts forever. Tracks a little but with a good litter mat it doesn't go much further than a few steps around the box. Happy kitty, happy cat mommy! :)
04/20/18 | K Gahagan

Canada cat litter

I usually buy Tigerino Nuggies and am on just now to order it after buying this, Cats seem to kick it everywhere and finding it all over the house, which I never get with nuggies. Good in the tray though and nice scent.
03/19/18 | Jessie

Best cat litter on the planet

My friend recommended Tigerino to me and it was life changing. It's super heavy so it doesn't get stuck in cat paws, doesn't track through the house, and doesn't kick up a huge dust storm. Everything I ask for in a litter! I cannot recommend this enough to my crazy cat lady moms.
02/02/18 | Ruth Stallwood

Updated review

This is excellent litter, my reason for the update on my original review is that I commented on the size of the particles and tracking. I had mixed this litter with my previous litter. Now that I just have this in the box it hardly tracks compared to Greenwood’s bentonite with zeolite. So I am switching to this. My only wish is that it was sold in 14kg bags instead of 12kg, because having to buy extra bags to last the month makes it more expensive. But for almost no tracking it’s worth it.
01/20/18 | Ruth Stallwood


My usual litter was out of stock so I had to try something else, which I was very nervous about. I have 1 covered litter box used by 3 cats, and I usually clean it once a day. I never have cats waste smells in my home from my usual litter and very pleasantly surprised and impressed that I didn’t with this either. You do need a depth of litter in the box and a very sturdy scoop because the urine clumps can be heavy and dense. If the consistency of particles was larger it would not track
01/10/18 | Carol

Cat litter

Just love it wish I found it earlier no more stinky cat per smells last a lot longer than any other litter I've used the lemongrass tigerino now next is baby powder hope it's great too and the price perfect especially when on special
09/27/17 | Hani

Favourite of all Tigerino Canada litters!

Love the fresh smell, clumps well, does track a little, but then all the litters I have tried do, but overall very happy!

Best clumping cat litter I have ever tried!

This is very clean non-dusty cat litter that I was able even to use with 10 week old kittens. It is fabulous, very clumpy and only needs to be changed about once a month. Have recommended it to all my cat owner friends!
04/15/17 | Sharon

Great value clumping litter

My cat is very fussy and only likes to use fine grain litter. It's gentle on his paws and clumps better that any others I've tried. It does track a little and the layer has to be deep enough to be effective but overall it's great. I find I don't have to clean the full tray out as often , picking out the clumps of waste daily is a breeze it clumps that well. It traps the smells too providing your cat covers it's waste.
04/13/17 | marta

very good brand , will recommend

what a good cat litter, cat likes it ,we do like it as its clean not powdery,clumps what needs to clump, and takes the odor of no2. bag actually lasts full month or more and we have big size litter box.
03/06/17 | Sara

Great clumping!

This is the third litter I've tried and it easily beats the previous two brands. It clumps great, making cleaning quick and easy. The scent is nice. There is some dust when pouring into litter box, but no more so than the others. This litter does seem to track more than the other two, but not by much. I have noticed that if my cat's paws are wet the litter tends to stick on them some, but she is able to clean them off easily.

Happy cats

We have two cats so they have two litters. We used to buy World's best. When I first bought the tigerino litter, I only put it in one of the litter. Both cats immediately stopped going to the litter which had World's best and switch for that one. I assume they know what they are doing! It also clumps really well, which is handy.
02/12/17 | Larry

Excellent - depending on what you want from a litter

When this litter clumps the clumps are like bricks. Using a fine poop scoop they do not break up like other clumping litters. This leaves the remaining litter fresh in all aspects. It does track with my two Bengals but it is so easy to vacuum up and is a small price to pay for them to have a fresh loo every day. One thing I would advise is have the litter level deep. This, for me is the perfect litter and the kitties like it too, even the baby powder scented type.

What a difference

Swapped my usual supermarket brand clumping for this as I wanted something with less dust. After 2 years I wasn't sure whether my medium hair tabby would mind the change but he used it straightaway. There is virtually no dust so less cleaning and wheezing for me. The clumping is amazing and really holds in the smells. Tracking is also minimal. I've hardly had to top it up as you only remove waste. The mild scent also lasts. There is no way I'm returning to the cheaper supermarket litter.
02/06/17 | Litsa Visvikou

Best Cat Litter ever

Possibly the Best Cat Litter ever. No smells, no dust my cats love it!

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