24/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Loud, hard, too rough

This stuff is awful. It's extremely noisy, very rough, with sharp edges... my cat gave it her best but you can see it was very uncomfortable for her.
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Sharp edges

The pieces have sharp edges and are very rough. My cats didn't use it, they went into the litter box and straight back out again It's also very noisy when cats run over it I put my hand on this litter once and it's really painful. Understandable that the cats don't like it with their sensitive paws
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22/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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I gave it a go in my litter box and when my cats stopped using it I decided to mix it in with my regular litter. The 'Crystals' are very rough and this is unacceptable for my 5 cats.
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12/09/20 | Catherine
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Best litter I have used

This has been the best litter I have used. I've tried different varieties which are fine but are really dusty and leave a smell despite using odour reducing powders. The crystals are light have been fully absorbing all pee and the waste dries out making it easier to scoop. You can see when the litter has worked, great to indicate when to change. I have one bag in a medium sized tray for 2 weeks and will definitely get another week! Also no soggy bits at the bottom as others mentioned!
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You have to let it evaporate

Great litter but have been reading peoples reviews that say they have puddles in the bottom. The was the litter works is it evaporates the wee without releasing the odour. Don't use a covered tray and keep in a warm area and you will find it lasts weeks.
06/08/18 | Alison Harris
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Good Litter.

Good cat litter.
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This litter does last about a week to 10 days with one cat. However it does have dust and when first opened, made my cat cough quite severely. Looking for a crystal type litter that doesnt have dust.
15/02/18 | Nils
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Great litter, but won't last 25-35 days

The litter is absolutely great and there is not a smell off of it at all. I was very pleasantly surprised. Doesn't stick to my cats paws as much as other litter either. Overall I was very happy. It most certainly will not last 25-35 days. I have only one cat and cleaned his ox daily, following instructions to maximise the amount of time the litter will last. I got 11 days and at that point the bottom of the tray (I use a liner) was very damp, with soggy crystals, and needed to be changed.
31/12/17 | Deirdre
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Love this
19/12/17 | Angela
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Highly recommend

This litter is the bomb!! Absolutely great .. absorbs odour straight away and lasts ages .. would highly recommend.. you will not be disappointed one wee bit ..
02/06/17 | FW
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Pro's and Cons, the jury's out on this one....

I wasn't a fan, found the crystals really sharp and surprised my cat tolerated walking on them. Didn't get anywhere near the 25 days use suggested for one cat, nearer the 2 weeks mark and despite stirring after every use ended up with a soggy pile of crystals at the bottom (yes, I did put the recommended amount in the litter box) Also made my laminate floor really dull where they tracked on the floor and painful if you tread n them in bare feet. On the plus side easy clean up and nice fragrance.
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Very pleased

Best cat litter I have ever bought, the lavender ones are my favourite, highly recommended
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This is my favourite litter and it really does absorb the smell and seem to last really well. I also like th way it looks
16/08/16 | C Pereira
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Truly recommend

After trying all sorts of materials, silica has won me over. Highly absorvent, keeps the tray from smelling. Easy to tell if it's about time to clean up as silica turns yellow. Visually is not great, does not desguise poos like the clay litter but clay kept glueing to my cats's feet. Any cat litter will always have pros and cons, not possible to have a perfect. I take smell free, easy to clean, no dust. Some people mention that it leaves some behind but that's really up to each cat. Some are tidy and some are messy. I found that no matter what material, because one of my cats is messy, I have to sweep daily in front of litter tray. Gonna try the clumping version next!
07/08/16 | Sherin
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Does what it says! It really does reduced the order
02/05/16 | Gertie
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Best cat litter and great value

I highly recommend this cat litter. I have a cat that spends most time indoors and uses a litter often. Tigerino lasts for nearly 4 weeks and there is little smell by the time we need to change it.
12/02/16 | Katy Butfield
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Never look back !

This product does what it says, it work a treat, and last as long as they say ! Im converted and would even consider buy another brand. Thank you for making my indoor cats life a fresh smell free zone
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Good Litter

This is one of the best litters I use for my indoor cat as it absorbs moisture and odours fast. The (unused) litter does not smell fragranced though and I do have to change the litter tray weekly.
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lavender litter is best ever !!!

The best thing about Tigerino litter is that I don't have to keep changing it and I don't have to spray to kill any odours because there aren't any
16/08/15 | R Hawthorne
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Great for my "Rascal Dog Litter Box"

I have a pug pup who prefers to wee using our doggie litter box rather than go outside. While the Rascal Dog Litter Box is great I was left cleaning the catch tray under the grate out at least twice daily because I couldn't deal with the smell. Now all I do is put a thin layer of Tigerino under the grate and keeps any icky wee smells at bay and makes clean up so much easier. I just rinse the grate daily and stir around the litter crystals. Even for my piddle-pup the litter only needs replacing monthly.