12/03/18 | Marie Alonzi

Hygienic & no smells

I am a ragdoll breeder & I have used many kinds of litter in the past however I find this one a favourite in our busy household . It’s best deep littered to avoid it sticking to bottom & yes it tracks but what cat litter doesn’t? I put 3 bags in an XL savic covered tray & that does me 2 weeks without needing to wash the complete tray out. Happy Breeder & happy kitty’s . Cat owners just need to learn to get the vacuum out more often & stop being lazy ...indoor cats are needy end of !
11/17/18 | Marie Riley

No cat litter is perfect but this comes close!

There is no perfect litter. It depends on which one expects from it. This is amazing litter to mask strong urine but it does track on the paws . This litter has to be used in a deep tray to avoid it going like concrete on the bottom . I use 3 bags in an extra large covered tray with a black hole tracking mat & I cannot fault this litter. It clumps well , needs a chance for urine to dry & set into a ball . All cat litter is messy just get the vacuum out & stop moaning! Enjoy your cat .
10/18/18 | Rita Simmonds

Could be great if it clumped better and cost less

Apart from being a fuss pot my beautiful male Siamese was recently diagnosed with moderate kidney failure and he also has arthritis from a fall that happened before he came to us so he will only use cat little that is soft on his paws and smells right. Having tried everything from the Worlds greatest to every size of clay imaginable we had settled on a very fine-grained bentonite clay but sadly despite what they say on the packet that does produce dust which was making me cough so being Asthma
09/02/18 | Chris Bridges


This product smells nice very lightweight and does the job.
05/20/18 | Sophie

Best litter ever

I beg of everyone to get this litter. It clumps instantly and unlike some other clumping litters it doesn’t turn to clay. It has a very clean scent, and it freeze dries poo instantly so you can scoop it easily and cleanly. I will never use another litter again. It also lasts for ages and means I don’t have to do a full clean of the litter tray as often because once you remove the clumps only the clean litter remains. Honestly it’s amazing!

Excellent litter!

Switched over from Tigerino crystals and both the cat and I are very happy with the clumping litter. The tiny crumbs get all over the place, but that's a small price to pay - the crystals did the same and they were way more painful to step on. The only reason why I knocked a star off this otherwise stellar product is the scent. My cat has been smelling strongly of baby powder for weeks now. Would love an unscented version or at least something milder.
07/14/17 | Mary Stuart

Great at first but it tracks ALL over the house.

I was already happily using the Tigerrino crystal Non-clump litter, the only thing I didnt like is the yellow crystals which look awful although they don't smell. I tried the Tigerino Crystals fresh so that I could take out the clumps, you need an really deep litter tray, 16 cm plus and you need to keep the litter thick enough so that the lumps form before it reaches the base, if your cat is a digger then it won't work and you are left with a granite slab, very hard to move, Smells nice though!
07/11/17 | Krystyna

One of the best cat litter

I have 7 British cats ,this litter is brilliant,we have one pack in our tray on whole week ,no messy if u will use litter tray with flap and rubber door mat under tray x Very economical litter especially for few indoor cats owners ,never smells if you will use litter scope regularly x I would recommend litter for everyone!

Great if you know how to use it

So this is soft litter that trails if you don't have mat and hooded litter tray as it goes everywhere when cat is digging. I had to use different scoop with narrow spacing. That way I was able to remove all clumps easily as they tend to fall apart. You just need to get hang of it... great with odor control
12/07/16 | Irene O Sullivan

Super product --- deserves a 5.

Thank you for this great product.I am almost at the end of my last order and need 3 more packs as soon as possible . No other litter will suit. Please help, as I have mislaid all the correspondence you have sent me during the past year.
08/16/16 | C Pereira

Truly recommend

After trying all sorts of materials, silica has won me over. Highly absorvent, keeps the tray from smelling. Easy to tell if it's about time to clean up as silica turns yellow. Visually is not great, does not desguise poos like the clay litter but clay kept glueing to my cats's feet. Any cat litter will always have pros and cons, not possible to have a perfect. I take smell free, easy to clean, no dust. Some people mention that it leaves some behind but that's really up to each cat. Some are tidy and some are messy. I found that no matter what material, because one of my cats is messy, I have to sweep daily in front of litter tray. Gonna try the clumping version next!
08/07/16 | Sherin


Does what it says! It really does reduced the order

Excellent never looked back

Amazing cat litter. Having 3 cats I always struggled with odour but this litter is amazing. I love it and the cats love it too. Wish it came in bigger bags 👏👏👏
05/02/16 | Gertie

Best cat litter and great value

I highly recommend this cat litter. I have a cat that spends most time indoors and uses a litter often. Tigerino lasts for nearly 4 weeks and there is little smell by the time we need to change it.
03/23/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Unreserved recommendation

Very good quality which hides the smell incredibly well.
Translated from zooplus.de by zooplus
02/12/16 | Katy Butfield

Never look back !

This product does what it says, it work a treat, and last as long as they say ! Im converted and would even consider buy another brand. Thank you for making my indoor cats life a fresh smell free zone
11/30/15 | Dwayne (3 Cats)

great product

I have used the Tigerino Crystals for years and thought to give this a try. Its good as it totally prevents odours and when the cat pee's after about a hour its a hard clump which can be scooped out. This makes for a longer lasting product compared to the crystals version which eventually goes mushy after a short period at the bottom of the litter box. Is quite messy when the cats jump out as the litter seems to stick to their pads.
08/17/15 | Sally


This stuff is far superior to any other litter I have used. It is easy to scoop, smells good and really neutralises urine odours. I have 9 cats and have tried lots of products, this is the best so far.
07/28/15 | Paula

Wonderful Stuff!

This new clumping version of Tigerino Crystals is just marvellous. Being white, it looks nicer in the tray than other coloured litters and it hardly tracks at all. It is very fine, rather like sugar and it clumps very well. You do need a deep layer of it otherwise the clumps will adhere to the bottom of the tray. Being a cat breeder, I have a number of cats and I have given them the choice of World's Best Cat Litter and the clumping Tigerino...they prefer the Tigerino! It also smells very nice and seems to cover the smell of even my stud cat's urine completely. I have just ordered some more!
11/20/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very happy!

Thoroughly recommended. It's been two weeks and still no smell! No other litter can keep up.
Translated from zooplus.de by zooplus

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