04/30/22 | Áine

Strong smell?

I'm trying out all the Tigerino varieties as they go out of stock quite quickly. My cat loves the texture and the last two I ordered were fantastic. No odours at all. For some reason this one smells just like the cheaper clay litter from supermarkets, there's suddenly a strong smell of litterbox in my house!
12/27/18 | Kittykat

Good litter

I normally buy Tigerino Lemongrass litter but thought I’d try this for a change. This is much coarser and because of this it tracks more. It does eventually clump well and hard but nowhere near as quickly as the normal Tigerino. The few blue crystals are a gimmick and make it no easier to spot a clump but I have no problem finding waste without them. It is low in dust which is a plus point, as is the handle on the side of the bag. To me normal Lemongrass clumping litter is superior to this.
12/07/18 | anne hanley

Not as good as the other tigerino's

It did not absorb odor and lasted 2 weeks I bag between 2 litter boxes also not so good at clumping will not use again

Have never rated cat litter as 5 stars before

If you don’t scoop immediately then the concentration of blue signals direct you to where to scoop as it dries so well. Have used it for 4 weeks and the blue crystals are mixed in now evenly but the litter is still dry and clumping easily into very hard balls that don’t fall apart. It has no scent which is very important for my cat and this absorbs smells and moisture easily. Have not noticed any dust and the tracking outside the tray is far less than others (about a dozen grains at a time).

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