19/08/23 | Lisa Pisa
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Smell away 😀

Great smelling product. Areas of the house that the cats are in can start to smell like cats. Lovely clean smell from this spray. Illiminates cat urine smell immediately. Always keep a bottle of this in the house.
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It does remove the pee smell because we had to switch apartments while our pomeranian was still potty training and the floor is covered with carpet (and it doesn’t show if our puppy pees over it) and in case of an accident we spray the spot after cleaning it and there’s no smell. But it doesn’t prevent the puppy from peeing all over again on the same spot.
20/10/19 | Gatos Rojos
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Powerful smelling product

I applied this to an area where the cat had peed but the artificial perfume smell of the product really overpowered the room and made us feel ill. I usually use eco/natural products, so this may account for it. I ended up throwing the bottle out and trying something else.
21/11/17 | Babs Ruch
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Best product for the job!

With (currently) 9 rescue cats and 1 old collie girl, there is always something to mop up and clean. I tried many products, even the very expensive "Urine off", but none work as good as Trixie. Cat and dog urine smell gone in an instant! Spray it on, let sit for 10 minutes, mop away, smell gone! And it works on ANY surface (tiles, carpet, blankets, bedding, wood, mattresses, etc.).
10/08/16 | Kim M
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This works like magic. Like effort required in comparison to most pet cleaners on the market. All you need to do is spray enough to soak the soiled area & blot after 10 mins. That's it. Stains disappear like magic. Works so well. Generous sized bottle. I have a cat and mainly use this on vomit stains.
29/07/16 | Kelly
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This stuff is amazing!

It cleans up messes no problem and smells amazing :).
31/07/15 | Renato Costa
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Pretty effective

I'm always a little skeptical about these products, but this one actually works well removing the urine smell. Just let it work for 10min and then clean.