01/20/20 | Laura

Absolutely Fantastic My Boys Love It

My boys were a little nervous about this at first as the attachment is bigger than their head (they're ragdoll x, big cats). But the moment I starting moving it they adored it. It's difficult to find toys that my quieter cat will play with, but he comes racing into the room the second I pick this one up. Highly recommend

Lasted months and cat loooved it

This dangler lasted several months (a long time in our house as we have a very energetic cat) Now ordering the second one as our cat absolutely loves it, especially the crinkly attachment.
06/01/18 | Fiona Kincaid

Great but didnt last long

My cat loved this as she is blind and the crunchy tassels were good for sounds. Unfortunately this only lasted a month for us as the both feather pieces detached from the wire within a month. I had expected this to last longer and my cat loved it. Im very disappointede as it seems poor quality

Good quality but wow. Turns cat crazy.

Quality of the toy seems very good and our cats love it. But if you buy it based on these good reccomendations then be warned - because of the natural feathers (which smell quite intense and bad) it may bring out your cats natural hunting instant and turn them temporarily insane and they won’t let it go.
04/11/18 | Anne

Finally a dangler toy my cat loves!

I've tried my cat on all sorts of toys and he's barely shown any interest. However he absolutely loves this toy. I think it's the crunchy attachment as he likes that kind of thing! It helps that the line and the handle are both long so there is a large area for play. He also likes playing with the handle (if I poke it out from under a door or similar). The toy is well made and feels like it will last.
12/22/17 | Tania

Totally excited !!

by far the best
10/30/17 | Stevie

Great product

I thought at first this was abit pricey but both my cats love it and it's very well made. Even my older cat loves to fly around the room chasing this.
01/12/17 | Lesley Sime

It's not the same

This is my second crunchy dangler and the quality while similar is not the same as the first. The second length of pole does not cover where you connect the danglers and knot them. Disappointed, this takes away some of the strength of the toy. Our cats still love it but I fear it will not last as long

Nice but destroyed easily

This dangler was love at the first sight. Really lovely product. Unfortunately our kitten destroyed it within 10 minutes. It's a pity it's note made from more durable material.

Favourite toy by a mile!

This is my two savannahs favourite toy, well made, long enough to give them the run around and exercise needed for indoor cats. Strong enough to take a 7kg cat catching it at full speed. They even bring it to me when I ask them for "feathers"! Don't ever stop selling this zooplus!!!
06/24/15 | FiFi, Casper & Clive

Well worth the money

With 3 cats to entertain I've spent hours flicking various "chase'y" toys up and down our cat tree - the "feathers" ones also sold on Zooplus are fantastic and can be made to mimic a bird BUT when Clive or Casper gets hold of one - proper hold of one - they get taken apart in no time flat - the destruction record was a brand new "feathers" destroyed in <2mins - but they are incredibly cheap - so it was with no small amount of trepidation that I clicked on this £10 "super feathers" toy. As shown in the pictures, you do get 2 interchangeable toys for the one stick - so far Casper and Clive are about half was through totally destroying toy 1 (without the streamers) BUT THIS HAS TAKEN WEEKS of play - really well made and absolutely well worth the money
04/23/15 | Meezer

Great quality toy

My Siamese kitten is very energetic and demanding. He has lots of chase toys to play with but this is a clear favourite. He goes berserk when I bring this one out and loves chewing on the so far indestructible fronds at the bottom which look like shredded paper. I am particularly impressed with the soft perspex end of the pole, which is much safer for him than the hard plastic poles of the Chinese made danglers. It's more expensive but in my case is well worth the money. Highly recommended.
01/05/15 | Manda

Worth the money!!

I never thought I pay so much for one cat toy but it is definitly worth it! I have two house cats and they go through toys like this in seconds. This one is made so well it has stood the test of time! it also comes with a replacement feather thing.
01/21/14 | Peter Galbavy

Good quality, last much longer with big cats

I have been through a large number of "feather" toys with my three Maine Coone boys. They are still growing but even at a playful 3 years old they are still more than capable of rendering the cheaper, weak, poor quality feather pole toys into a pile of broken plastic. This toy may cost more than any other on zooplus but it is by far the best for longevity and play quality. Just buy one and see.
02/12/13 | Mrs Henty

Outstanding toy

My cat is an indoor cat so I am always looking for new toys to amuse & exercise him. This is the best toy we have ever bought. He goes absolutely mental for it.Maybe its the combination of the fluttering feathers and the rustling sound but it triggers his hunting instinct big time. He drags it around to each of us in turn to get someone to play with him.Its well made and well thought out.

Very good Dangler

I have bought many dangler toys for my three cats most only last one session especially when my clever cat gets hold of them and bites through the elastic and kills it! This one seams expensive but in my opion is far superior to the cheaper versions. I have had all three playing with it and it is still going strong after two months. They all love it and we have the spare end which we haven't needed to replace yet. It has a really good range unlike some of the other ones I've bought. It is well worth the extra cost in my opinion.
09/06/12 | Corinne Camilleri

A Must Have

My cat is easily bored with toys and the house is littered with discarded items, but this remains a firm favourite even after three weeks. It is the only toy I have ever known her drag around the house. I can also hear the little crackles that the paper bit means when she starts playing with it alone. And it is very good value. It is still completely intact and they send a replacement end bit for when she finally chews it through.

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