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Totally Indestructable

I've bought so many different danglers for my cats, but this one is the only one that has stood the test of time. It's flexible, durable and they are COMPLETELY obsessed! Definitely a worthwhile purchase - it has outlasted all of the other expensive ones we bought and miraculously kept their interest too.
25/02/18 | giramel
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Great product!

This toy is so strong and durable that although my cat demands to plays with it regularly, it's still in one piece. My cat seems to like colorful toys and he goes for this one every time. I've not had to purchase another toy to replace one that's been attacked to pieces. It certainly has had a positive impact on my budget for cat toys!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Virtually indestructible...unless it's my cat

My cat loved this toy...to death... like, he ate chunks of it until it was practically gone. Totally recommend this toy, but play with it under supervision if you've got a toy eater like mine ha!
14/06/17 | Mog3110
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So simple and so good :-)

Got this to entice our lazy cat to move (he only does when there is food on offer). He loves it, chases after it and gets plenty of exercise. The bright colours are easy to spot even for a cat with poor vision. Our other cats enjoy it as well.
19/05/17 | Angela
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My kitten loves this toy

I bought this for my 5 month old Maine Coon kittens as they tend to destroy feather danglers in just one play session. My boy adores this toy, he likes to take the humans for a walk with it and given the chance would spend all day carrying it around the house (I don't let him as I don't think it's safe to). My girl is less interested but will play along when her brother lets her. It is yet to be fully tested but so far has stood up to their rigourous play.
26/02/16 | Brendan
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Still going strong after three years

I bought one of these toys for my cat over 3 years ago when she was young and it's still going strong even with almost daily use. She now weighs over 8kg (Maine Coon) and even in games of tug-o-war the toy remains strong and no sign of falling apart
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the best cat dangler!

I have had loads of cat dangler toys but my cats think this is the bees knees. It was bought for some kittens but was commandeered by one of our older cats. She drags it around with her including to our bed at night!
06/05/15 | Sophie
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Still in one piece

My cats have clawed on it, chewed it, nibbles it,tugged on it, dragged it around, managed to get it knotted, but it's still in one piece which is more than I can say about my other cat toys.
28/04/15 | Lucky
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I know this is pricer than other similar style wand toys however this beats its cheaper rivals hands down. Usually with the cheaper ones in our house, they have fallen to bits in days. This wand however is so strong!! my cats have gone wild for it. A top thumbs up if you have a cat that likes to stalk and chase.
08/06/14 | sam
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Bought this for 3 blue point Siamese kittens. They prefer this to all their other toys. Well made and is lasting well.
22/04/14 | Jacky
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Toy for large kits

I have two maine coon mix and wanted something strong and they adore this toy. Regularly attack it and it is lasting.
13/10/13 | Helen
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Hours of fun

Excellent, good quality product, my 3 year old Ragdoll has had hours of fun with this toy.
25/05/13 | Sophie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

a fun toy for cats

Very happy with this toy. Cats love to play with it and it hasn't broken or ripped, so is very good quality. Would recommend.
26/04/13 | kat
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is as strong as it claims

My 2 young cats destroy other dangler toys quickly but love this and its showing no sighs of damage after weeks of play. Would highly recommend.
11/02/13 | Baz
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Feline fun

Previously had a similar toy but after more than 15 years of play it was so chewed up it had to go... I had 2 cats that played with it right in to their pensioner years. Very happy to find this replacement. It is expensive but, like my previous model, it is well made and very durable. It is even better than the original as the fleece is slightly wider while still moving easily in a variety of cat-fishing ways. The one I've been sent is a green/yellow/blue mix so my current 2 year old boy-cat sees it well - not reds that are less visible. Instant hit, purrfect for keeping tubby cat bellies at bay. One bit of advice: never leave it out where cats can munch on it unsupervised. Cats seem to love the fleece texture and chew at the ribbon even when it's still. If they do this for a long time sections can come off and be swallowed.