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This is my kitten's favourite thing

It is so much fun to use in combination with string toys. My kitten gets hours of excitement from playing in it.
04/04/18 | Maxime
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Great quality, cat loves it

Very good quality for a product that cheap. My cat instantly run into it and only plays around it now. Combined with a cat scratcher we had, it helped to make it more stable otherwise the tunnel would just always spin on its side.
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Her favourite

She absolutely loves this tunnel and never tires of it - loves her 'spy hole' .
31/12/17 | Emma
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Great product for cats to tango

My two cats love to kill each other and me whilst in this thing. Folds down easily. Worth every penny!
09/03/17 | Josefine
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My kittie loves this (& smell gone).

She lives in this thing nearly, she wants to be petted in there, jumps out of it and rushes her prey (toy) from it and it is the most favourite play tunnel she has had. As previous reviewers have said, it did smell at first, and it didn't go away by itself. But it's a pretty sturdy construction so I put it in the washing machine on Wool wash and the smell went away completely and it dried just fine. Still looks like new. 5* from us.
15/05/16 | Lisa
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Great investment

I've had this now for four months and my indoor cats just love it. Its robust, and can fold away easily after use. The fabric is of good quality too.
14/12/15 | Maria
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Worth the money!

My husband hates cat furniture with paw prints all over it so this tunnel is perfect for us. The kittens LOVE it, they have only been here for 3 days but they use it frequently, jumping in and out of the middle hole, chasing each other through and it is great for play timewith a ball or dangly toy too. The only warning I'd give is that the packaging had a strong pvc smell that lingered on the tunnel for a while. I left it outside for a few days to off-gas before bringing it into the house.
19/05/15 | Belle & Milo's mum.
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Love It!

I have 2 large Ragdolls (my boy is 7kg) & they both absolutely love this. We've tried the crinkly tunnel before with limited success but this is soft & they love running through it, diving in & out of the opening & generally tumbling about. Can highly recommend.
07/05/15 | Ian
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Excellent for Hiding & Pouncing

Highly recommended... Good quality material, reasonable length, does not rustle, soft inside and out, and the hole in the side provides a good lookout spot. The tunnel fits well with my neutral decor, and folds away nicely if required. My cat is quite big and strong, 4.5kg, 2.5 year old, and he fits through nicely. He likes to hide in the tunnel and run through to pounce on cat danglers etc. He pounces through the hole in the side too. The tunnel doesn't roll much at all, but a little movement is probably to be expected after my cat has sprinted through it a few times!

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