02/21/22 | Ana

Cats absolutely love it!

They play with the tunel all the time, good quality
08/19/21 | Bobbi

Essential purchase for a slightly wild rescue cat

Got this for my new cat a couple of months ago and right from the start it was a huge success. I barely got it set up before he was diving into it. He loves this thing. It's almost as important to him as his tree, like a little den to jump out from. And so much fun dangling toys in and out for him. Its held up really well to his verrrry destructive play style. He has managed to pop a couple of holes in it but it's still totally fine. If he does ever wreck it I would be happy to buy it again!
12/22/20 | originally published in zooplus.it


My cats love it, they are constantly playing with it, a great purchase!
12/20/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Tunnel 2 in 1

Cute overall but poor quality .. It started tearing .. And the iron wires come out, with the risk that cats can get hurt ... DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED!

Poor quality

There are better out there .. not recommended
10/31/20 | Monika


For the first time we used it like a toilet 😄 But for the second time, we figured out and we love to hide a toys in there and then pretending the new toy was found
04/23/20 | Tiah Flynn

Cat tunnel

The enjoy the toy but im constantly having too stick the tunnel back onto the cube
05/25/19 | Janice lancaster

Price jump

Was going to buy 2 sets, but not now, as the price jumped up overnight from £5. 99 to current price.

Great fun! But don't wash in washing machine!

Great for my pets, suitable for guinea pig also! Don't wash it in washing machine. The wire can come out if you're unlucky and will break your washing machine. Just wash it in a bucket.


Good price,lasted a while and cat loves it

Best toy I’ve bought

My one cat LOVES this toy, she plays with it daily
03/29/18 | ZS


My cats fight over the occupation of these tunnels. They absolutely love it. Great also that it is easily washable. I am just ordering another one to avoid more conflict.
09/22/17 | david


My little kitten loves it
06/19/17 | Nicola Porter

Great fun

I have 15 rescue cats living with me so they need a lot of entertaining. I bought these as thought they were a bargain and are in the garden with the other toys. I must say that I found it impossible to keep the 2 parts attached but this doesn't deter my cats. Just means it's 2 extra places for them to play in.
06/09/17 | Sarah

great fun

My two cats both love these. they have a tunnel already. but i bought these for outdoors. I have bought two, and am about to order two more so i can form a square for them to chase and lol inside. they adore them. both bengals, one kitten who loves to use these, and my two year old boy bengal loves them too. so not just kitten. they're probably not the strongest i have ever seen. but they are very good value, and i am pleased with them for the garden.
05/04/17 | Tam

Amazing for the Garden

Bella LOVES this. I have it in the garden for her during spring & summer and she sits in the tunnel in the mornings and when she needs some shade as she can also see every thing in the garden through the net. She also loves to hide in it when we're playing in the garden! Excellent value for money.
04/09/17 | Penny

Cats and rabbits love it

I've had no problems with mine. I've had it about a year and it's just as sturdy as when I got it. The rabbits and cats all like to use it so I've decided to get another!
11/20/16 | aimee

lovely product

the kittens love this, and the bigger cat too, they play with it all the time and have great fun. the price is good, i have seen some cubes sold by themselves elsewhere for around 10sterling, so this is very good value. I would recommend this very much!
11/05/16 | Anne Dickson

Excellent and good value

Kitten loves the cubes and rolls round the floor in one. Took a bit longer to use the tunnels but we got two packs so change the configuration every couple of weeks and he seems to love playing in them. Excellent value for cube and tunnel, seem pretty sturdy and put up with being jumped on, pulled about, rolled about and chewed.
08/26/16 | Josefine

Great play tunnel for great price

My ragamuffin adores this tunnel and cube, spends a lot of time in them sleeping and playing. I've had to buy two of these sets (which at this price is fine!) to let my siberian cat use one too. Gets chased out! I've attached them all together as well, you get fastenings to do so, but my cats prefer to have one each. Great buy, I've bought MUCH more expensive play tunnels in the past but this is really good quality for the price so happy to have found it.

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