04/21/22 | Virginie Hyvernat

Very good

Romeo loved it

04/21/22 | Virginie Hyvernat

Very good

They played with it for the first few months but then forgot about it.

12/27/20 | Rosie East

Toys great for play

Catnip veggies Squeak my cat loves these he flips them up in air and rolls around with them he loves them great fun bought more for his stocking filler he loves them

05/08/18 | Pete


I ordered these items the other day they turned up today even before I got Em Out The Box or two cats went crazy but they love them to bits deathly recommend others to buy these 100%


Great stuff

I didn’t think my cat would be interested as I’ve tried catnip in the past. I gave her one of the veggie toys and she went crazy. She loved it, smoothed herself all over it, fought it, ate it and a chucked it around. The fun lasted around 10 mins then she went outside for a rest. Will see if she still loves it later - fab item defo worth a try 👍🏼

11/08/17 | Teeny Tiny Cat Rescue

Blooming heck these are good!

These inexpensive and unassuming little toys are a favourite amongst my 9. We have ages of under 2 to 19 and they go NUTS for them. My 19 year old is always the first in the box and insistsee on trying to steal each one. We order 8 or 10 of them at a time and they withstand two 18lb cats play and my homicidal 2 year old. Amazing toys and cannot recommend them enough!


Great toys!

My cat is very fussy with which toys he plays with. He hasn't stopped playing with them since they arrived! Also they are much larger then I expected so very happy!

03/01/16 | Michelle

Brilliant toy

My 2 cats love these keeps them occupied for ages I was surprised as normally they get bored of smaller toys after a while but not these! They love them so much I am buying more for them but with all playing they haven't broke or anything bargain toy!!