01/07/22 | Alex

So stinky

My cats like it and my neighbour’s cats sometimes even comes over to play with it but it smells so pungent I had to let it air out outside when I first opened the package.

12/02/21 | Laverne

Best toy ever

To avoid fights I am ordering more. Best toy ever santa will bring😃

05/17/21 | Sarah McDaid

Kittens favourite toy!

I have 2 kittens over 6 months and the two of them absolutely love this toy. Originally bought 1 but going to reorder and have on standby as sometimes they hide their toys and I can't find them again! Also nice they can have one each to cuddle for bed!

07/31/20 | Anna

My cats love it!!!

I ordered just one to check if my cats will like it and now I have to order more 😂


Yay! It's a hit

My cats liked and were almost fighting each other over it. Good job I also bought another toy with the same filling ;) I am not overly keen on the smell myself, but as long as the babes are happy ... ... It's not a catnip toy, the label says it has silver vine and valerian. The German on the package may be also referring to catnip as in cat mint but the valerian is massively overpowering. Anyway, my cats keep on playing with both toys :) It is an attractive well made toy.

08/17/18 | Diana

Fantastic toy!

Three seconds after opening the bag and my cat went crazy! She started licking it and scratching it and fighting it! Hoping that she will keep playing with it after the scent wears off - even so, the price is so low that I won't mind buying more.

02/15/18 | Samantha

great catnip alternative! 😸👍🏻

Both my 2yo and 11yo love this. sent them both nutty and "fighting" over who got to play with it first. As someone else pointed out the silvervine does wear off quickly (hence 4* insteadof 5) but luckily enough my 11yo is still happy to play with it! My youngest gets way too stimulated by catnip so the silvervine is a great substitute!

01/13/18 | Andrea abbott

My cats love this

My kitties went bonkers for this I really must buy more, My kitten love to jump on it beat it up then carry it off in his mouth, great play fun for the cats Huge entertainment value for humans

08/29/17 | Stacey Ferguson

...very good

This silvervine ferret is brilliant! All 3 of my cats go bonkers for it, especially when it's fresh out of the box, 3 of my neighbours cats visit me regularly and the silvervine has the exact same effect on them too!...when they come in they can smell it and begin searching for it and proceed to roll around on the floor, biting and kicking. The only negative thing I have to say about this toy is that the silvervine does 'wear off' fairly quick, you can tell when the effect is wearing off as they stop going crazy with it and 'seeking it out' therefore I do find myself replacing them often. But all in all I would highly recommend- very entertaining watching it change your cuddly cat into a loon for 10 minutes