Zero interest from my cat

It doesn't even smell like catnip.

02/18/20 | Sharon


This is absolutely solid and my cat had zero interest in it. Its like a rolling stone..what cat likes that..not mine anyway

12/24/19 | Sharon

Too hard

My cat is a real hunter and loves to chase things but she sniffed this and that was pretty much it. I tried to get her to chase it but she didn't want to. Its almost solid and too big in my opinion.

04/28/17 | Gina


My cats love to play with these, and they love rubbing themselves on it. The only downside is that my dog started eating one! I'll keep it in a seperate room from now on.


Best toy ever!

From the moment this arrived my two cats where interested in it. Even before I had got it out of its packaging the cats were sniffing around. Once I put it on the floor both of my cats were playing with it straight away. At last a toy that they actually play with. No longer will I have a basket full of unused cat toys!

02/05/17 | Emma Faunch

Best Catnip Ball Ever

Hours of fun for all five indoor cats! I bought three catnip balls and they all love them. My youngest is nearly two yrs old and still loves playing with toys but the other four are older and don't play with toys very often but they all love to play with the Catnip Balls. Best buy so far!

01/11/17 | Lisa D

Catnip ball

My cats love this ball. I have had it a few months now and I put it away and get it out again a few weeks later and they still love it. They pick it and kick it. My cats are 2 years old and lose interest in other catnip toys but not this is brilliant.

06/30/16 | Tracey Brill

It is true love

I have 3 cats, one cannot smell catnip, but my other two love this, especially my big boy. He has licked it, loved it & is embracing this. I am not leaving it out all the time, so it keeps the excitement going.

06/04/16 | Tatiana

Still strong after weeks outdoors

The first one got lost on the garden more than a month ago and we had completely forgotten about it until today when it 'resurfaced' after gardening. The cats went crazy about it like day one. After weeks of exposure to the elements it was still strong and provided another few hours of entertainment.

05/12/16 | Lesley hoskins

Worth it.

Since this small catnip ball arrived, peace and calm has descended, she loves it.


My cat goes bonkers over this!

17 year old Bengal who adores cat nip absolutely loves this ball. We've had it about 6 weeks now and it's still going strong. The scent is activated by rubbing but compared to other catnip stuffed toys which he ignores this one is much better. It's big enough that he can't pick it up and the bits are stuck very well to it. It is so nice to see our boy playing so enthusiastically at his age.

05/30/15 | Lara


My grumpy cat who don´t like much play, is in love with this ball. The only bad think that I can said is that my cat love more the ball than me hahaha.

04/01/15 | Lucky

Catnip ball

Well cat was high as a kite when first introduced and beat the hell out of it. However now....he has lost interest and gone back to his kickeroo. I should imagine a kitten would have more joy with this rather than my 15 year old kitty.