10/29/21 | Toma

Can't Get Enough of It

This toy is only rivalled by my old shoelace to the cats, if your cat likes catnip they will LOVE this toy. Even my more fickle cat that stops playing with a toy the day after I've introduced it comes back to this. Great purchase I do not regret it at all

08/02/21 | Adriana

not for my cat

I read that cats who are not affected by catnip, often like this, but it did nothing for my cat, but he is pretty fussy when it comes to toys



My big fat lazy cat suffers from stress but as soon as he saw this, he went crazy!!! Biting it and licking it non stop for hours, running after it and acting more energetically than ever!! Even after months, still drives him crazy!! Totally recommend it!

04/21/21 | Aikaterini

My cat loves it

My cat is a male, 4 years old, 9,5 kg and he doesn’t get excited with any toys nor catnip till I gave him this one! He got extremely excited! He started biting it and playing with it all over the house! We are both very happy and it’s a thumps up from me!