Cat loves it

Cat adores this. So much so it often migrates across the floor where she's been rubbing against it.

05/27/13 | Kat

Great quality, but...

The girls didn't like it. My mum originally bought this, but her cats weren't interested. She gave it to me, so after a wash and a new lot of cat nip... my three weren't interested neither. Which is odd as my two girls would play with anything, even a small leaf. A little bit disappointed, but still a great quality product. Don't let this one put you off the Senses Range as the others I have had so far, they have loved!

01/24/13 | Infogirl875

Okay, but not the best

I was a bit sceptical about this thing and only bought it because it came as part of a cheap deal with other Cat-It products. Both of my cats were initially intrigued by the massage centre, but the fascination soon waned. However, I do occasionally catch one of them lying with her head on the centre. Not a complete waste of money, but not a patch on a piece of scrunched up silver foil as far as toys go.


Absolutley love it!

Had it out the box for 5min and both my kittens were straight on it rubbing on sides. I have one who is teething badly at the moment and he got straight on the top for a good chew. They love it. Great buy.

09/06/12 | Selena


Both my kitten and my cat love this. The cat tends to try and get the cat nip out the top. Great buy.

07/20/12 | Emma

kitty love

When we moved here from the US I felt bad that her Catit Spa broke on the way over. Mini Monster loved to chew on it, rub her cheeks, roll on it - especially when it's refilled with catnip. She was 11 years old and had it for most of her life. I was relieved when I came across it online over here. She loves it more than she loves most of her toys (and having been a manager at a pet store, I've bought a lot for her). Keep some fresh dried catnip on hand to sprinkle on it occasionally and give it a try! :) Biggest drawback is that it can be a little messy when it comes to the catnip (and there aren't catnip filling slots on the side panels like the old version had) but then again her name is Mini Monster for a reason....


Pure Pleasure

Even after 6 months use, the Massage Centre seems to be as fascinating to my cats as it was when it first arrived. My cats love this and use it all the time, even without me adding the catnip. Definitely worth buying.

11/01/10 | S James


there's no pleasing some of our furry friends, this looks great alongside the tracks with the ball, but my cat completely ignores it even when I've put different makes of catnip in it!

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