31/10/22 | Rebecca
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Cats not really interested

Looks nice and seems like a good product, but only one of my cats would play with it. The other two had no interest at all.
08/12/20 | Chris
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Loved it, but fell apart almost instantly

Our cats adored this, but tore it to bits in less than 24 hours! I wasn't expecting it to last forever, but I expected it to last a little while.
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Not that robust...

Rather than use the toy as it was meant to be used, e.g. by grabbing and kicking at it. One of my cats stands on it and rips it to pieces with her teeth. She loves it. but after about two weeks of this, eventually the material gives way and the stuffing comes out. No idea what it's made of though, bit worried that it could harm her. So... careful eyes kept on her and as soon as any hole is made, a new toy is purchased by her loyal cat slave.
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Fun at first

Cats loved it, and then didn't care. Sigh! Good quality toy however, but it was only fun for a few minutes. Tried cat nip and that makes them go back to it but they always get bored.
13/05/16 | nta16
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looks good and gets good reports but not from our cat

A good toy, at a good price here, and with many very good reports here, but it's just not for our cat. Although our cat kicks much smaller toys with his back legs he didn't with this, perhaps it's just too big compared to his usual toys (and prey).
03/08/13 | Sara Herrera
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My cat went INSANE the first time he saw this!! Honestly. I was so pleased,I thought it would be his new super top fav toy from now on. He loved to kick it all the time and he would roll all around the floor and run around playing with it, which was really good cause he got to burn some carbs... but sadly, I guess the catnip smell worn off after a few days so now he's just ignoring it completely. I guess I'll try buying a catnip spray or something, but I'm not too happy.
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Played with it the first day - ignored since

My cats were interested in this when it first arrived and played a bit with it. Since then, they have both ignored it despite my best efforts.