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My kitten loved it

My British shorthair kitten loves this toy. I bought the full sized one not the kitten one so he can use it when he’s older. He loves to kick it with his back feet.
11/06/16 | JulesinScotland
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To start with my cat was quite interested in this - not because of the cat nip, which doesn't ever seem to do anything for her, but because of the furry bushy tail :) She played with it by herself for a good wee while and attacked it big time, biting, clawing, kicking. She seems to have lost interest now and when prompted to play, will sometimes go for it and at other times just stroll away. Not the most addictive toy for her but great value for money all the same.
14/12/10 | Steve
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5


Ok so this is a fantastic toy and both our cats love it. We need to get another as it is causing arguments between the two of them. They play until they fall asleep holding onto it and is great to watch them enjoy it. Nevertheless, it didnt even last 2 hours before it was ripped to pieces. It has now been sewed together many times and is still their favourite toy....I just wish it was a bit tougher wearing.