05/10/21 | Inga
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Tomiko just loves it

My cat immidiately started to play with that toy. Unfortunately my child likes it too, therefore there is constant fight over the toy and who can play with it. Seems that we’ll need another one :) Cat especially likes to chase the balls inside the toy.
26/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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None of our cats pay any notice to this roundabout

The light-up ball doesn't work, it's half transparent which means you can see the batteries but I can't seem to open it. I guess we'll never know if a working ball might have lit up their interest.
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08/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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He won't stop playing

Great product to keep cats busy on their own The ball took about 10 minutes to get going but is working a treat now :) But my cat didn't seem to mind when it wasn't working
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18/01/19 | Louise Milton
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Best toy ever!

I got a freebie one of these with Royal Canin cat food. My three cats absolutely love it. They can’t leave it alone and even sleep next to it! It’s great because the cats can work it on their own, so it’s something to keep them busy when we’re out.
18/01/19 | tracy
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1st time buyer

Brought for my 2 8 month old . fixed it up and izzy. Oliver has not left it alone for hours. Will be buy another one soon so i can make it bigger
13/12/18 | sophie Ride
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Not of interest

I bought this for my two off the back of the great reviews but unfortunately mine aren't interested at all. I have to say the product works great, the slopes look fun and the ball lights up well with movement. I'm not sure why but they look but wont get involved. Its been great fun for me though haha!
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My boys love playing with this- even after months!
20/11/18 | Sarah
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I wasn't sure but cats love it!

I wasn't sure about this product as it looked less robust to similar circuits that we have.. However, the cats love the figure of eight styles with the bridge over the top. They have spent hours playing... There are 13 of them that all agree its great.
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My kitten absolutely loves this toy. She took to it immediately and plays with it everyday for extended periods, finding many ways to amuse herself with it, including tossing soft small toys or balls into the centre as the flashing ball whizzes around!. Suki is only 4 months old, so for the past two months we have used just the circle construction so that there is an added dimension to the circuit for later.
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Flashlight play circuit

Tried this toy for my 11 week Ragdoll which I had just had just picked up a few hours earlier, hoping he would settle in house quickly, within 30 mins of letting him out carrier bag, he was playing with toy. Next day when I took him downstairs again, went into room and started playing with it again for 30 mins solid. Ive only had kitten for 3 days now, but he definitely enjoys playing with this.
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Loving his new toy

My kitten is thoroughly enjoying this new toy. I do wonder if perhaps for a cat super roller circuit would work better this one has 4 elevated pieces and 2 end pieces and src has 4 elevated pieces and 4 regular pieces.
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Super roller circuit

My cat loves it. Didn't realise that it was a flashy ball. The reason why I've given this product 4* , the plastic covers come off sometimes when the cat gets excited. But other than my cat loves it
07/03/18 | Jessica Pryce
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Only had it a few minutes so it's a little premature to review but my one and a half year old cat loves it. The only issue is the ball is slightly too big for the circuit so it gets stuck, i don't think it detracts from his play much but i'm sure it's not supposed to be this way.
02/03/18 | Jill & Alan Fidler
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Our cat Saliam is 'big boy', doesn't do a lot excercises until he got this toy. He has his meal (first things first), then straight to have fun with his toy carn't leave it alone,great fun watching too.
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Cats love it!

My two cats absolutely love this. I even bought one for my brother’s cats and they haven’t stopped playing with it either. So glad I bought a few of these!
31/08/17 | Flick
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Not adult Bengal approved

Both my adult Bengals didn't care for this. One always likes something the other doesn't but they were both uninterested despite it being well made and sturdy. My female loves flashing lights and balls and my male loves hunting and working out puzzles but they just sat there politely watching me play with it, waiting for me to finish so we could do other stuff! Maybe better for kittens Eventually I took the ball out, my female occasionally bats it but it doesn't interest like a laser pen does.
11/08/17 | Natalie Jones
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Cats not interested...

I bought this toy with high hopes but unfortunately, none of my three cats are even remotely interested in it! It is well made though and would be great if my cats actually liked it... never mind!
18/07/17 | Carol O'Connor
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2 of my 3 cats love this.At 2 years old they were already becoming alarmingly sedentary but this has changed them into kittens again ! They play with it all night while we are trying to sleep, but at least they are happy which is the main thing.I don't know how they did it but they managed to get the ball out and had a lovely game together.Now they've lost it so I must get another ! I would highly recommend this.They prefer it to their blue catit one (sorry Catit)
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A good idea but the top blue counterparts aren't as good the play circuit

My kitten like the play circuit so I got this one to see if I can add it on, she likes it but the plastic parts on top of the circuit is lighter and more filsmy on the roller super circuit. Two small pieces have broken off and the top part keeps coming off two of the circuit pieces, It can be easily fixed with some tape. 3 and 1/2 stars. Creates new movement on the play circuit or as its own track and she likes the lightening ball. :)
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Cat ignored it. Kittens wont stop playing with it.

I originally bought this for my (at the time) 1yr old cat. He sniffed it, then ignored its presence completely. It has sat behind the sofa for 2 years, until recently we took in 2 8wk rescue kittens. i thought i would show it to them as a last ditch effort before taking it to the pdsa and am so glad i did. The second it hit the floor the kittens were on it, playing. the sound of the ball on the tracks and the flashing red lights at all hours is slowly driving me nuts, but i am glad they get so much fun from it. They bat it from one kitten to the other and it is adorable!