09/11/20 | Carmel

Split under 12 hours

My little kittens LOVED this toy and they aren’t tough players really but sadly this toy split very quickly and the stuffing is coming out. I’ve taken it away so they don’t swallow any stuffing. Before it broke they both LOVED it though

09/11/20 | Carmel

Split after 12 Hours! (Repaired)

My two kittens LOVE this toy! Unfortunately it split after less than 12 hours and the stuffing started to come out. It was so loved that I just recovered the padding with some old thicker material and strong stitches and left the little tail sticking out so they have their toy back. Problem solved! (Although it would’ve been better if it hadn’t broken in the first place)

11/12/19 | Mo'

Love from first sight!

My Savannah hardly ever plays on his own at home, prefers toys that are attached to something animated by a human. Not this one, this one is an exemption. However sad it may sound, I think he sees a small bird in it, and tosses it around like mad. But first he licked it thoroughly till it soaked. So: highly recommended for those tired with playing with their cats. ;)


Works a treat

My 3 cats love these toys. The feathers can get a bit sad after being licked and chewed alot, but you can revive the feathers a little bit. Great toy

12/03/17 | Becca


This toy is brilliant! All 3 of my cats love it. Great value for money, feathers are well fastened so you don't end up with feathers everywhere! Something I would recommend to anyone wanting to treat their cat!


Cats loved it

... But ate the tail off within minutes. The cork ball is great, it has a bit of bite to it but still quite soft, they went mad for it the moment it came out of the box. I might just have to have a repeat order!

02/22/16 | nta16

Very good toy

It may be its small size that helps to make it so good but whatever it works well. Our cat soon had the tail looking more like feathers than fluffy and I can hear him bite into the cork with his remaining teeth. I rejuvenate the catnip with the Trixie spray. If (when?) the present one gets destroyed I would buy another. Five stars.