Nice but...

My kittens loved it but! It is too expensive to maintain. Just like most of the reviews I also thought that maybe the batteries were low, maybe they had it on display and was used a lot so I replace the batteries and da da! They lasted for 2 sessions... It would have been a great product as when in full energy the fish is seen throughout the day (else you can play in the evening or in a dark room) if it was rechargeable with a USB. It is great toy but expensive in the long run.

Crap cheap product

Extreamly cheap product.its not a laser light.it just projects a red light in the shape of a fish
02/03/21 | Carina

Very poor

I regret buying this. I Do not recommend.
01/27/21 | Erika


I got this when I first got my kitten. It lasted 1 play session. I got batteries (for more than the item cost) thinking maybe they came low, but only another play session. I went and got a usb rechargeable one for €10 and it is great. Spend a bit more.
12/02/20 | Antoinette


Ordered 2 of these for our kittens as I know just 1 would get quickly lost. I hadn't noticed it's an LED not laser pointer, so we can only see it in the dark, and even at that, more than about 2 meters away it's dispersed so much it's barely worth the effort of holding the button down. The kittens do love to chase it when they can see it, though the tortie worked out quickly where it was coming from & will attack my hand to catch the fish
10/21/20 | Erika

Great while the batteries last

My kitten loves this, but the batteries only last 10 minutes, so very expensive to run. Shame as great otherwise.
08/30/20 | Aneliza

Batterie very expensive

Great toy. BUT the batteries do not last much and it’s 10€ each! You’ll need 3 new batteries which is 30€!!! Does not make sense at all. Do Not recommend

Just a light in shape of fish, not a red laser dot

This light pointer came with almost drained batteries, lasted 3 min before shutting down. It has a very weak light source that is not interesting to my cat. He's usually crazy about the red LED dot but this was a complete failure :(


Was expecting a red dot to reach a far away distance. Instead its a dead fish that you can barely see if you're more than 60 cm away.
11/30/19 | Diana Fleming

Extremely poor quality.

The light is very dim. It can only be seen in a dark room basically sitting in a chair and playing with the cat at your feet. Any farther away and the 'fish' shaped light becomes a faint, blurry torch beam. Battery died after 3 days (a total of maybe 5 minutes playing time). Would be overpriced if it was free.

Both cat loves to chase it.

The cats enjoy chasing it around the light is not too strong, so we can play in the evening and im not afraid it will hurt their eyes.
10/28/18 | Michelle Hogg

Waste of money

Light is far too dim for the cat to see unless I'm standing right over him
04/10/18 | Kate

Very disappointed

I'm not sure if I got a dud but I can barely see the light from it even in the dark, unless it's an inch or two away from the wall.
04/10/18 | Susan Sheehan

brilliant fun

Excellent fun for all involved,especially with a cat who is used to being outdoors and chasing gifts for us,but in bad weather the dogs wagging tail is a fun target so this works a treat to burn her energy off. She's tired after,we have laughed ourselves silly and the dogs tail gets a break.
04/13/17 | marta

such a great toy if your cat is very active

this is the answer when our 8 month kitten is looking for bit of crazy running around the house. She gets board very easy, so the last think we take out is laser pointer and she loves it very much
09/01/16 | Jictoria

Kitten loves it

The first time we tried this with our kitten he was a bit nervous of it, but then he got a little braver and now he goes mad chasing it about. Lots of exercise for him without us having to run about too!
11/26/15 | Paul S


We have 4 cats, 2 take interest in light pointers and of them, 1 is obsessed with this one. He'll happily chase this and track around the house for hours whereas his sister prefers the standard red light pointer. Each to their own but great value for keeping my Tom cat occupied!
11/23/15 | Jessica

Cat loved it - and then the battery died.

My cat absolutely loved this laser pointer. So it's a shame the battery didn't last. Would not recommend.
10/13/14 | Alastair

Ok, but the "laser mouse" is much better

This toy projects a fish on the floor, the main issue with it is that it's not that visible if it's bright in the room. Due to the way the projection works it also expands the further away you shine it meaning it becomes quite indistinct which can lose the pets interest. It's well worth spending the pound or 2 more for the mouse which projects just the red dot as it's much brighter, and can be used over much longer distances!

Very Disappointing

The fish shape is fun but only really works well in low light, the cats will have nothing to do with this at all they sit and watch the fishy shape run across the floor and then look at me as if to say and what do you want us to do with that :o(

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