Not a cat tree

This needs to be more clear, it is only the little dangling toy not the cat tree!
01/18/19 | tracy

great product

Took all 3 out packaging looks great even tho i got 2 the same but really cant fault them my 2 8 month old kittens love them. Will deffo buy again
08/12/15 | Chris Finch

Didn't last.

Screwed into my cat tree easily and my cats loved them. Unfortunately they soon snapped them. 5 stars for entertainment, 2 stars for quality.


I was disapointed with the selection received! At the very least expected three different toys but two of the three are the same. Having said this, I'm sure the cats won't notice...
02/17/15 | Caroline Crowhurst

Great toys

My cat really loves these toys and I bought her a jumbo Tree so I used three on it to add a bit of attraction and make sure she didn't get bored with it. I would have given them a five but I ordered two sets and when they turned up unfortunately They were all the same two. A mouse and a leopard ball with feathers coming out of it. It's a shame as they showed many different ones in the clip, and I'd have liked a bigger selection. But they have accepted the problem and kindly refunded me for the duplicates.


I ordered two packs of the set of 3. Today, I received three packs, with 2 toys in each, which is fair enough. However, all three packs are the same, the grey/red mouse and the leopard print one. And, I can see, from reading other peoples' comments and looking at their uploaded pictures, that these 2 toys seem to be the only ones being sent out. I would much have preferred to have 6 different toys, as per the picture on this site, and if this is not available, then there should be a disclaimer to that effect before customers make a purchase.
06/19/14 | sam


these are fab and last a long time you can attach them to anything!!
06/09/14 | Dianne


My kitten was instantly drawn to the toy, very good quality.
06/02/14 | Andrew

Great toys

I bought a pack of 3 to attach to my old cat tree and Astrophe and Zuni loved them so I bought 6 more to attach to a new cat tree I have built out of scrap wood for them. They still love them. I was a little dissapointed that the second batch toys I received were the same as the first, the mouse with the red tail and a leopard print ball. I hought I might get some different ones as there seems to be a selection in the picture. Anyway the Karlie cat tree fun toys are great, well made and fun for your cats or kittens.
04/30/13 | samantha

Karlie Cat Tree Fun Toys

i brought a pack of 3 about a year ago, fantastic price!! each one comes in a nice pack and with one screw! there a good size and you can attach them to anywhere that would hold a screw!! i put 2 on the cat tree and on at the top of a scratch post, 1 has snapped since but can still be used as a toy!! excellent!
03/08/13 | R Beckhurst

Brilliant idea but...

We have a 6 month old Bengal kitten and as written in a comment below it is not Bengal proof. less than 24hrs and the elastic has become considerably shorter i have retied it praying that it will last a bit longer. Don't get me wrong it's a brilliant idea and i will be buying it again because none of the toys she has ever last long ;)
03/06/13 | Fiona

Cats love it

I have several cats ranging from 9 months to 2 years, what a fantastic buy these were, they sit there for ages playing. Shall buy some more, easy to attach to the Scratching post, fantastic idea .....
02/04/13 | Susan

Karlie fun toys

I have 8 cats ageing from 4months to 8months old .I brought this item to add more fun to my cats scratching posts im was amazed how much fun my cats have with this toys..
12/17/12 | Kerry Schofield

Great idea!

I bought several of the packs of three of this product. They are a fantastic idea! I find that the dangly toys on the climbing frames don't stay on for 5 minutes. These toys are extremely hard-wearing. I must have about 20 attatched to climbing frames around the house for my 7 cats and my foster cats. They get an awful lot of use and so far I have only lost 1. I would recommend this product to everyone!
09/26/12 | dawn


i bought one of these to add to a scratch post but after reading the reviews was worried the plastic attachment would snap off, however i have a solution instead of using the plastic attachment i tied the elastic to the end of the screw and fitted the screw into the scratchpost .i did this a couple of months ago and had no problems,the cats love it and still play with it every day ps the screw is included with the toy
07/12/12 | Aimee Guthrie

Fantastic Toy =)

After reading other reviews I was a bit sceptical about getting these but they are great!! I have 2 house cats so need to keep them entertained and this is a great idea! They are very sturdy, even when my cats get stuck to the toy and pull they are fine! It has also made them use there cat tree for scratching on a lot more than usual and not my couch so that's an even bigger plus! My cats love these and so do I!
12/09/10 | miss C j Duke

cat tree toys

my two cats are house cats so when i purchased a ceiling high cat tree,i wanted something else for them to keep active with.i found the two cat tree toys perfect as they fit onto the tree quite easily and my mudge n boots are happy with them too.
08/02/10 | Joanna

Lots of fun! (until it lasts on the tree...)

My Amber worked out how to th snapp it off.( the actual plastic rod that it hangs from ). She loves it but it doesn't last long... I am getting another one and will try to glue it to the plastic base so maybe she won't remove it again...
04/03/10 | Not best pleased

Doesn't last!!!!

My cat broke it within the first 3 minutes of use!
10/03/09 | Sandra

No Use

This was a complete waste of time wouldnt stay on the scratching post one pull of it and it was knocked down.Just not strong enough!

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