02/11/22 | Darren

Great for puppies

I bought this toy for my cat but my 4 month old puppy loves it aswell she spends hours playing with it and a great way to tire her out
04/29/20 | meri

Great toy for high energy kittens!

Great toy, very safe for kitties (she could never bring it down from the door frame, although she is strong and persistent), endless hours of fun!

Its only ok

My cats enjoyed it but it didnt hang well on my door and the string broke after 2 days
11/13/18 | Nicola

Fantastic little toy!

Our ragdoll cat has absolutely loved playing with this toy since she was a kitten. The only thing is, she is quite a strong little thing and often pulls the duck so hard that it flies off the doorframe - which is hilarious until it happens in the middle of the night! We have bought a second one for when she goes to stay with family when we are away and she loves running around the house with it...if your cat does this, just be mindful to keep an eye on them so they don't strangle themselves!
10/13/18 | Lauren

Great human-free toy for energetic cats

My cat (1 year) loves this... it’s great to put out when you are busy and he’s in a mood to play/destroy things. It fits easily on to door frames and the adjustable cord is great - you can change it so that he can lie and attack the duck or pull it higher to make him jump for it. I pack mine away when I’m not around since the cord can get tangled on things during active play sessions (furniture or the cat itself) but bringing it out again makes it a “surprise” and more appealing after a break.
09/25/18 | Ange


My 8 year old Harry who is not very easily impressed adores these. I have to buy them regularly because he goes wild and shreds them. I have never seen him as excited as when he has one of these. I love to see Harry enjoying himself so much.
09/22/18 | Elaine

Kitten loves this

My 16 week old ragdoll has been playing with this non stop for a whole hour since my zoo plus parcel arrived. He loves to stretch out the bungee so the bird flies up higher! Allows a very attention seeking kitty to amuse himself for a while. Thanks zoo plus!! Strongly recommend. Great play value for money

Happy tot

I bought this for my daughters kitten and it is an immediate success!
08/19/18 | ro

12 month old loves it

12 month old couldn't stop rolling on it whilst it was in its package when it arrived . Plays a lot. 4 month old not so interested in it.
03/23/18 | Margaret Taylor

Happy cat

This is brilliant. Jerri loves it. I set it quite high so he has to jump for it. He then drags it down so that he can roll on his back and attack it from underneath. Don't know how long it will last his claws and teeth but it is worth every penny.
03/07/18 | Carmen

favorite toy

by far its favorite and it's also resistant you can adjust the length of the string to add that extra challenge.
01/20/18 | Anne Wren

Never ignored

Often toys that we buy our fur babies are ignored after an hour or less never to be returned to. This is not one of those toys, all of mine ( 6 months, 15 months & 2 years) love to play with it & it is usually me taking it down to get some peace that stops the play :)
01/17/18 | Hannah Hotham

Great Product

Received this toy yesterday and my kitten loves it. Easy to use and has kept her entertained . Great price

Cat loved it

I would definitely recommend, cat plays with this toy until he eventually breaks it. I've bought a few as back up.
12/12/17 | eva

Good idea but it can be dangerous

My large male ragdoll jumped on it as soon as it was dangling from the door frame, then he would not let it go, growling like a maniac. He actually took the suport off the frame by pulling from the cord, and it could have hit him hard at full tension. I had to cut the cord as he could have lost some teeth, so now it is a normal cat toy. I like the idea and he loves the toy, but I guess my cat is far too wild. He is taking the duck with him everywhere,though.
09/28/17 | Mia Teut

Perfect toy for playfull cats

My kitten loves "hunting" it while the duck is swing back and forth. For the price the quality is exellent.
09/21/17 | Joanne Brenchley

Bird clamp toy

An excellent toy for my kitten who adores the thrill of the chase and likes to run up and down with the bird as it swings. Definitely recommend.
07/28/17 | Enesha Bennett

Both my kittens love this!

My two kittens are happy with this product. A toy that they can entertain themselves with.
06/09/17 | Angele

Makes my older cat act like a kitten again!

I love this toy. It looks simple, but it does more for my cat this most other toys. It's easy assemble comes on and off your door frame with no effort. My older cat, who is very picky with his toys, loves it as well and it makes him have lots of energy. Would recommend!
04/26/17 | angela greenwood

Great toy

My kitten loves this toy, it is so entertaining to watch him jump up and down playing with it, I would recommend anyone with a kitten to buy one.

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