03/06/21 | Izabela

Broke quickly

My cat was quite interested with this toy. However tag broke only after 3 days of playing with it. Hence only 2 stars.
03/24/17 | carol dummett

A new bed???

So I got the ball working and it was chasing the cats round the kitchen, turned my back and it was all the way in the corner in a distant room with Tiggy watching to make sure it didn't escape (travels well). However the thing that is getting the most use is the crinkle bag (minus the ball) - Holly loves to sit on this or skuffle it around the floor when she is having one of her skittish sessions (she has also chewed a hole in the plastic side wall). All in all a very well priced entertainment
11/14/16 | Tim Clarke

Xbox for cats

I don't bother with the bag. The ball travels all over the room, and Clementine will watch it, pounce on it, play with it, for several hours. And she'll still be playing with it when I turn if off. Just know what your cat likes before buying. My previous cat wouldn't have liked this one at all, my current cat takes to it like a teenager to an Xbox. If you have an indoor cat who likes to hunt, I'd say at this price it's well worth a purchase.
03/14/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

I'm happy :)

I've had this toy for 3 weeks now and it works brilliantly. The transparent rustle bag is really a bit thin - my tip: lay the rustle bag face down, because 1) the base is more stable and 2) the cats do not see the ball but only the movement. For my two boys, it makes it even more fun! If the rustle bag should tear, I will just put the ball to a pillow. I think it's well worth the price
12/28/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

So funny!

My cat goes mad when playing with this toy. He loves to hunt the ball, catch it, stalk it... it is amazing. My other cat also likes to watch him play or sit on the rustle bag and see how it moves with the ball inside. The only possible downside is when the battery runs out, it seemed somewhat difficult to replace. Otherwise, perfect!

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