Snack Ball Cat Toy

1 Snack Ball
: 4/5
Hide some treats in this snack ball and see what happens. Your cat has to roll the ball to make the treats fall out. There are 2 different levels. Suitable for kittens. Diameter approx. 5.5 cm...further information
Product description
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
Snack Ball Cat Toy
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Product description

Hide some treats in this snack ball and see what happens. Your cat has to roll the ball to make the treats fall out. There are 2 different levels. Suitable for kittens. Diameter approx. 5.5 cm

Cats love tasty treats and this snack ball is a great way to make a tasty treat even more fun and to turn meal times into a game. Your cat has to work out how to get at the food by rolling the snack ball around. It will enjoy the food all more because of the effort it has put in to getting it.

The snack ball is based on a very simple but effective idea. It is made from sturdy, durable plastic with a spiral inside and an opening on the bottom where the treat will fall out. Fill this opening with dry food or treats and shake the ball so that the spiral moves to the top. Then give it to your cat and watch how it discovers how to roll the ball in such a way that the food moves down the spiral and falls out.

The snack ball has two levels of difficulty, so you can make it easier or more tricky for your pet to get at the treats. Simply turn the red cover to change the size of the opening.

The Snack Ball cat toy at a glance:

  • Diameter approx. 5.5 cm
  • Colour: red / transparent
  • Two levels of difficulty
  • For cats of all ages
  • Activates your pet's natural instincts
  • Can be filled with dry food or treats

Please note: As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

20/04/22 | Paola
: 3/5

Good BUT...

In fact this is a great product for indoor cats, they get super excited with it, BUT the fact that this is pure plastic makes it very easy to be broken by the cat. Overall its good, but could be better.
19/11/21 | Joanne
: 3/5

Smaller than expected :(

Decent quality and seem sturdy. Just a bit small. Good value for money though!
16/01/19 | Ellie
: 5/5

Great for indoor kittys!

Simple yet so amazing! I thought it would be a good idea to get for when I go out the house so my cat has something else to play with while still getting food and I was right. She loves playing with it and I always put her food in there now because she enjoys it so much. So cheap too!
: 4/5

Needs treats to be extra small

Ball was smaller than I expected and most treats are too big to freely move about in it. Still at 99p what did I expect. Kitten will still enjoy playing with it and I will just have to hunt down some tiny treats to put in it.
: 3/5

cat not interested

Unfortunately my cat does not seem to get it, she won't play with it at all. Shame as it's a great idea
04/05/18 | Christy
: 5/5

great for a fast eater!

our boy cat gobbles down his food so far, that we decided to try a puzzle toy, and it keeps him entertained for ages. its a good way to get an under active cat moving about as well.
20/12/17 | Samantha
: 4/5

treat time fun

i alternate between giving treats for training and this. like a fellow reviewer below me this was purchased after the 'dreamies mouse' was mastered. whilst he has now mastered this also, because this rolls much further he gets more excercise especially when he's batting it around like a maniac! have just had to order a 2nd as the 1st has been swallowed up by a black hole and I can't find it anywhere. only "negative" is that i wish you could level up so to speak, to increase the difficulty.
24/07/17 | Sheena
: 4/5

Great product

The treat ball is a good product although my cat emptied it in no time, I'd bought this as he'd mastered the dreamies mouse a little too well. Think I'm going to need something more challenging for my Enzo!
28/04/17 | Gina
: 3/5

It'll do

Its a nice product, fits plenty of treats. My cat loves smacking it around. However the treats either come out too easily or not at all, there's no inbetween. I'll just have to put less treats in because my cat is extremely greedy!
09/02/17 | Ellen
: 5/5


My indoor Bengals are given treats after their dinner with a ball each,they sit and watch the balls being prepared and once given they excitedly proceed to extract their treats.Dilys likes to get her nose down and "dribble" it like a footballer whilst Bronwyn tends to bat and chase,this has resulted in breaking hers(after about 3 months of violent batting)when it cracked against the corner of the skirting.I have ordered replacements as hand fed treats,although delightful are short lived
30/12/16 | mart
: 4/5


Cats love it but it is a pain to fill
09/06/16 | CJ
: 5/5

I like it, she loves it.

My cat really loves this as a way of getting her dry food, so much so, I bought her a second one. She'll swat it all over the place. She doesn't eat her food all at once so this is good for her, and a great toy too. My issue with it is that it's hard to clean the interior of it. But she loves it enough that I'll give it 5 stars. Happy cat = happy Mum.
13/04/16 | Iida
: 3/5

The cats like it.

Both our cats like this toy, they push and bat it around. I normally set it on the more difficult setting as it makes the fun last longer. My only complaint is that it's a little difficult and slow to fill., putting the treats in one by one.
01/04/16 | Deb
: 5/5

Brilliant for cats and bunnies

Rabbits are more intelligent than people realize & love foraging in food puzzles. Bought these as a boredom breaker to keep my rabbits amused & they're a real hit. Nice gift for animal rescue charities too as they're cheap & easy to clean.
13/01/16 | nta16
: 3/5

Worth a try

A good idea and certainly worth a try at under £1. A bit small for the treats and dry food our cat has. Costing much more I, and our cat, prefer the SlimCat Treat Ball but tried this at the low price.
10/01/16 | Zoe
: 3/5

My cats aren't fans

My cats don't get these at all, I just can't get them to use/understand it has food in it. Oh well! I think they're great!
08/11/15 | dc
: 3/5

Froglet doesn't like this much

My cat doesn't like this much - I just end up with dry food all over the floor. She isnt a greedy cat, so I don't need to worry about slowing down her feeding time. I used to have a similar food ball in rubber or soft plastic which I preferred; I have wood floors, so this is a bit noisy.
30/12/14 | Naomi
: 3/5

good fun

One of my kitties Elsa loves this - pushing it around and eating up her food from it. However, Tink does not entertain it and only eats the food if you bat it around for her. The only problem with Elsa is that it has a tendency to go under the sofa, when she pushes it into the lounge.
18/08/14 | C.Dunne
: 5/5

Great for putting in other toys & feeders to up difficulty.

This little ball is brilliant. It fits in the middle level of my CatIt food maze. It also fits in the Trixie TX2 food dispenser. When she's alone during the day, the dispenser releases the ball. She then has to bat it out of the feeder and chase it around the kitchen. When I feed her at night, I put it in the maze to add extra challenge. I wish I could dismantle it for cleaning, but for the price, it has been great. My cat is sick much less often when she has to work for her kibble. I'm ordering another two so that I can put one in the maze and two in the TX2!
11/06/14 | Stacey
: 5/5

Great value

Brilliant for a little treat. although play don't last long once the treats have been eaten