12/03/21 | Kristina

Nice but not for every cat

My Bengal cat is absolutely obsessed with it, however my oriental shorthair is not interested at all, she sometimes hits a ball a couple of times, but quickly gets bored.
01/16/21 | Ella

Jack and his new toy

Jack loves to play with his new toy. 😻 I recommend.
12/04/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Really good

The play tower is really cute, it doesn't take up much space and my cat loves it. I would definitely recommend it
11/03/20 | originally published in zoohit.cz


It's all fun and games, but only for a few days..
09/13/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My cat played with it, but just once. I'm not at home much during the day so it could be that he plays with it while I'm not there but I doubt it...
11/30/18 | Christiana

Lots of fun for my boys!

This proved to be a really a good choice ! My boys couldn’t stop playing!

Great! But...

Great item! The kits love playing with it when brought out... however, the balls (similar to ping pong ones), can be easily flicked out...AND whereas this wouldn't necessarily be a problem it can all too easily be picked up by them with their mouths. Blah! Daaaangerous!
09/24/18 | Jamie Saunders

I've had it less than 10 minutes...

...and it's already well worth its price. My kitten has more energy than she knows what to do with (play for an hour, sleep for five minutes, play for another hour) and I was struggling to keep up. I put this toy down in front of her ten minutes ago and she won't even acknowledge my presence. She's enthralled. If you have a kitten or a cat, you should have one of these.

Hours of fun!

My three adored this toy from the second they saw it. It’s simple and easy to play with. My only criticism is that the ping pong balls can be flicked out if your cat is determined enough (or a Siamese cross so therefore it HAS to be done). Overall great value for money and hours of fun for them.

Our cats new favourite toy

Both my cats love this toy and one in particular will spend ages pushing and batting the balls too and frow. It’s been a big hit as soon as they opened it on Christmas Day and I love watching him using different techniques to move the balls.

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