25/06/19 | MOS
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Cat says no

My Savannah 3-year-old cat is totally not interested in it. Though the product is top class itself. My cat is just an ignorant brat. There are much more interesting things for him, than trying to be fed by a ball.
12/04/18 | Martina
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Staple toy at my place

I have several of those balls for my two cats. It is used as one of the many round-robin feeders I have. The size of the holes can be varied but not very much. Thus, it gets easily too easy or some pieces get just stuck. On the other hand it is almost indestructible and fairly easy to clean if only used with kibbles. The good thing is that I can use it even with my no-interest-in-food cat, while having the second for my food-crazy cat which never has an ordinary bowl but loads of puzzle feeders.
19/05/14 | Dominic Ross
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Good product, but no indepth instructions.

This is a great product. Our new cat loves to bat this about with either her nose or her paws and hoover up the treats that come out. However, she very nearly didn't get to play with it as the limited instructions were not very clear in how to put this together. Either better instructions or just shipping the thing intact would be better.
21/06/11 | Kathryn
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Very popular

My cats love this and will play with it for ages. They are indoor cats so this is brilliant for keeping their minds and paws active without too much effort on the part of the owner! The only downside is that crumbs from the treats can escape through the holes onto the floor.
19/06/11 | Elizabeth
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Slowing down eating

I got this to try and slow down meals and it does indeed work. Catus finds the smaller holes a bit frustrating so I have to compromise by making the larger holes half-size but he is happy to get his meals this way.
29/11/10 | Helen
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Good Bit of Extra Stimulation For An Indoor Cat

This ball gives a little bit of added stimulation for indoor cats. I never feed kibble simply left in a bowl. My cat always has to work for her kibble by pushing this ball and by using her activity board. Although she doesn't need to roll it far (don't imagine they'll be playing football for their kibble) at least it ensures she paces herself unlike other cats I've met who make themselves sick wolfing down their food.
17/03/10 | Helene
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Can't win 'em all!

A lovely idea but depite all my encouragement my young cat is terrified of the ball and won't go anywhere near it. I make sure I put his favourite treats in it too! I'll keep persevering!