25/01/22 | Magda
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My cats love them!

They absolutely love chasing the sticks and playing with them.
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Not interested

My cat chews everything and so I bought him these sticks. Now they are only things he is not chewing.
10/12/20 | Terje
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fun for days

Before giving these to my cats, I use a sharp knife to remove some of the bark and get them smelling stronger. My older cat mostly rubs himself against the stick and gets very cuddly. The younger one goes insane for these! Plays for ages, until the stick disappears somewhere under furniture. Great for his teeth as well.
20/07/20 | Kat L.
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I used to buy catnip for my cats and while they enjoyed it, it was only for a short moment of fun. Also, one of my cats reacted to catnip weaker than another. I tried these silver vine sticks and they are just what we needed! They work stronger, and last for a few days. I would recommend to remove the bark with a knife, as the sticks tend to dry out in storage, but uncovering the living tissue inside resolves this problem. 10/10!
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Not a favorite

I have 7 cats and none of them were interested in these