09/27/17 | Hani

Great for sneaking pills in!

This is the best way I've found to sneak pills in to the cats! They wolf these down so quickly they practically forget to chew them, meaning they don't notice the pills that come after the 2nd or 3rd piece ;)

Yummy in my cats tummy.

My fussy 8 year old cat absolutely loves these. I've bought so many treats and thrown them away because of his fussiness. He never gets bored of these, he loves treat time now.


My cats go mad for them. I love the fact that they are 90% meat and gave taurine added to it.
09/16/14 | originally published in zooplus.es

Everyone likes them

I have four cats. My youngest one loves trying new things and loves everything. But my oldest (10 years) is quite picky but...SURPRISE!!! He really likes these.
05/20/14 | originally published in zooplus.es


This is my latest discovery and I am well pleased with it. My cat loves them. He eats them as if they were licorice. I would buy it by the ton, but it seems a little pricey considering there are only four sticks and given the speed he eats them at.

Popular !

These are almost eaten whole ! No time to make it smaller, just want to eat it ! One paw holds it down on the floor and the other shovels it into the mouth. Gone in less than a minute! And then begs for seconds ! Really really popular and great fun to watch ! SUPER !!

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