Please bring this range back!

My cat just loves the various flavours of the My Star malt snacks, I can always feed her medicine mixed in with these - no other brand has worked so well. So it's really disappointing to be told that you will no longer stock these, if I'd known I would have really stocked up! They were exclusive to Zooplus, so no idea if they will ever be available elsewhere :(
08/23/18 | SadieQ

Cats adore this

My older cat, Iris lives on these! She has about 8 a day with dried food. She is a very fussy eater, but when given 2 or 3 every mealtime, she always clears her plate. Never a bit wasted.
08/13/18 | SadieQ


My cat lives on just this! So I've worked out that this one is the least expensive and she has about 12 a day along with dry food and cattesy sticks and water. She won't eat anything else! And Never leaves a single bit! I give her 4 at a time.
04/28/18 | Angela

Happy Furry Babies

Sample pack free with Concept, & both Lily & Angel could get enough of it! I even split sachet open so they could lick out the remains! Will be buying these in future! Purrs & kisses from Angel & Lily & big thanks from me (the slave!)

Our cat is crazy over it

My Lilly is really finicky and allergic to cereals. She loves this creamy snack
02/15/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

With malt

A healthy snack for my maine coon Nala. No sugar and seems to be really tasty. I'd really recommend.
02/13/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

My cat loves it!

All 3 cats love these little snacks and are always waiting for more. Healthy and definitely a favourite.
02/13/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Much loved!

Usually my cats snack on Miamor pastes, but they love My Star just as much. A great texture and may even be a bit cheaper ;) Me and the cats are very satisfied!

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