Trixie Cat Treats

Trixie cat treats are a delicious way to spoil your cat every day. With a great range of snacks, from meaty chunks to delicious savoury pastes - there’s something here for every cat!

3 products
3 products

An irresistible snack for your cat, with 72% chicken meat. Grain-free, with no added sugar or additives. In a handy resealable pouch for long-lasting freshness.

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Saver Pack: 3 x 50g

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€27.93 / kg

Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix

Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour.

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Trixie Cat Malt

This malt paste is a delicious treat that helps to prevent hairballs forming. Cats swallow hair every time they groom themselves and this tasty paste aids the natural expulsion of hair and hairballs.

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