06/10/20 | Jessica

My cats get INSANE over this

This one is an absolute favorite for my two boys. They love both the Salmon and the Tuna, when I open this I start hearing the anxious "meows" asking to eat it. It really looks yummy and healthy. I wish Applaws would sell these in big box with discount, since I need to give one loin for each cat..
05/25/20 | Diana Fleming

Cats LOVED it.

This is surprisingly moist. It smells like a slightly drier, more intense form of tinned tuna. Cats and dog went crazy for it. I also got the salmon flavour of the same treat but they wouldn't go near it.
03/27/20 | Cosmin

Best Cat Snack I ever used!

Amazing product! Probably the best cat snack I ever bought. It smells so good and its texture looks so natural that I would eat it myself if it wasn't for my cat!
03/27/19 | Ioanna Pampaka

Charlie loves it!

Lekker puur tonijn fillet. Yum.
12/13/18 | sophie Ride

They go mad for it!!

My two little terrors get this once a week as a treat. I don't eat any fish myself so there are never scraps in the house. Therefore this is a great product for me. Mine came with an 18 months shelf life and the 3 pack i find is great value. it's able to be kept ambient and a great portion size for one. Also have in Salmon flavour.

Tuna loin

My 2 Maine coon just love these, they eat every bit , would help if a little cheaper

Tasty tuna treat

Both of my cats loved this tasty fishy product, one of them is a fussy eater, but she took one sniff at it, next second she ate the treat in no time...

My cat scoffed this down!

My cat is normally a slightly picky eater, especially with treats. this tuna loin was well packaged, kept well, smells fishy which was very enticing for for my kitty. This was a special treat for him for tolerating us trying to get his nails clipped and he absolutely loved it.

Cat goes nuts for these

My cat goes nuts for these Applaws tuna loins. Not very big and somewhat expensive but my cats love them!
02/23/17 | Lucky

Crazy eyed kitty!

My cat...the laziest and most placid laid back cat on the planet, turns into a crazed mini panther with excitement when he smells this getting opened from the packet. He almost eats my hand as soon as I put it in his bowl!! A great treat that is 100% enjoyed!!

Fussy Cat - loved it

For the price, i tool a punt, as my black cat is the most fussy cat when it comes to food. happy to say... she loved it. Worth trying :)

Christmas treat

I bought this as a xmas treat for our rescue cat, and he loved it! Good quality, will definitely buy it again
10/10/16 | Nicola

My cats go crazy for this!

I originally bought one of these but had to order more because my cats went wild for them. They're great as a healthy afternoon snack and I would imagine quite filling too.
04/06/16 | Mrs N Wilson

My cat loves it

My fussy 17 year old feline loves this tuna loin snack. The only thing I noticed is it could have abit more moisture with it because she drinks a lot of water after eating it. But overall a great healthy snack for her.

Brighteyes pusscats

Just started using this as bought for a treat for our rescue cats . Today I am ordering three more need I say anymore !!!?. The cats absolutely love it and it seems very good for cats with gastrointestinal problems as all our cats are on prescription diets and have had no issues at all, though to be sure we just give it once a week as a treat . Great product with the usual high standard that we have come to expect from Applaws.

Snarly Approved!

My MaineCoon rescue cat, is a fussy eater. Her name is Snarly (joke!) but her behaviour is 'Duchess-like'. She gets these as a treat during our claw-trimming and ear-cleaning times. Her behaviour is impeccable. SnarlyRecommended!!!
06/10/15 | Sue Lowell

Making Their Day!

My 4 cats are queueing up for this new treat. Not a scrap is left and all crumbs are carefully hoovered. A must for any really spoilt cat!
05/10/15 | Pam

Simply the best

My Bengal cat loves these. I thought the tuna loin was a bit expensive at first but it is really worth every penny as Daxter eats every single piece and has been heard making nom,nom noises.
02/27/15 | nicola

great treat

My cat loves these. .....

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