24/05/23 | Elaine
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Multivitamin paste

Brilliant cat loves it and she is a super picky 16yr old calico female. When are zooplus getting in the bigger pack that’s the only problem. 6 in a pack is too small
22/05/22 | Aoife
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Addictive Apparently

My cat loves these, if I don’t get it on to the spoon fast enough he’ll try to get it out of my hand. Have given some to friends and they say that their cats are crazy about them. Our cat is an older guy who can be picky with food so these are a great way to get more taurine into him
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3 out of our 4 cats love it

Each one of our 4 cats have different food preferences and 3 out of 4 of them love this cream. It also helps them cough out hairballs.
12/02/21 | Amanda
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Loves it

My 12 year old cat Benny has ongoing dental & gum issues, so has on/off problems eating and is very picky at the best of times!! He loves this, and it gives him a great boost. It's the only vitamin paste he will eat, he takes it straight off a spoon.
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I agree about the consistency issues.

I have the same issue as the other review mentioned. It looks as the the taste is not the same in all batches.
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The only multi-vitamin with low fat.

This is the only multi-vitamin cream with low fat. Most of this kind have over 40% fat.
27/09/18 | Monika
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The best multi-vitamin cream ever !!

Blue love it! How amazing as she is so fussy! She refused all other multivitamins. So happy!
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My cat loves them
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Batch-to-batch consistency issues

These can be great (virtually the only type of vitamins the cat will touch), but that depends on a particular batch. He adored the previous batch, but wouldn't even smell the new batch of the same product.
29/04/16 | Lina
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my cat is crazy about it

my cat really loves it.
03/12/15 | geoff
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miamor verses lixy lux

I have tried the liver miamore so thought I would try the vitamin one he. Loves them both so now he has the two treets every day so that we don't over do the pro biotic element of liver one which by the way gives him appetite great product
09/06/14 | Andrew
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Corky gives a furry thumbs up!

I bought this for my beloved cat Corky for the first time on my last order. He's never tried it before, but I know Zooplus always sells wonderful products, so I didn't hesitate to get it for him. This must be one of the most fun ways for your cat to get a daily vitamin boost! Corky went absolutely wild for these, the change in him was virtually instantaneous! He was purring and buzzing around and begging for a second treat. You can pour this out into a bowl, or if you want some one on one time with your feline friend, rip the end of the mini sachet open, and try and squirt it into their mouth. I've subsequently ordered 4 more boxes of these for Corky and he'll be enjoying them every day, no doubt!
30/04/13 | Anne Nelson
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No. 1 hit

It's wonderful to watch the 3 of them line up to lick their saucers clean every time. If only everything else they get offered got scoffed so reliably!!