10/09/17 | Graeme Harrison
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I don't know what Whiskas put in these things but my cats go nuts for them. Two of them will even sit on their hind legs and beg for them.
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My cats do not bite them and crunch up they just swallow so no good for teeth. I have to cut them in half, not liked so much as the temptations
17/11/15 | nta16
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Additive, use as limited (16/day max) treats

I agree with a previous reviewer - these are addictive as other, non-dental-care, Whiskas treats, to use them as a training aid and that if you leave them unguarded or let your cat too close to the packet then your cat will very probably want to eat the lot in one go (note: recommended feeding is up to 16 per day and adjust main food to allow for these). I'm not sure how effective these will be for our cat as he tends to gobble his food whole and hasn't got all his teeth to chew or bite.
19/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Dentabits with taste

My cat loves these dentabits, in comparison to the "normal" ones. A*!
09/06/14 | Herm
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As addictive as the non-tooth-cleaning Whiskas treats

All our cats without fail have enjoyed Whiskas treats to the point of ripping the boxes open if they're left accessible (so be warned and set aside a drawer or airtight box to keep them in). Chicken-and-cheese Temptations are the favourites, but I've switched to Dentabits for the sake of tooth health in my new young-adult rescue cat and they are deemed almost as delicious. Treat tips:don't just shove them in your cat's mouth. Use them to teach simple tricks - my cat sits up on her back legs willingly for a treat - or in games to keep your cat active. Even a simple game of 'treat fetch' across the floor is fun for your cat (just don't expect the treat to be returned to you!) and stimulates her or his hunting instincts. If your cat doesn't understand the game, start out on a hard floor and toss underarm so the bouncing treat will be audible. Also try hiding treats under some scrap newspaper to be pounced on, or putting a few in the middle of a ball of screwed-up paper and watch your cat work to get at them.
15/05/13 | Sophie
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peace of mind!

I've bought these treats a couple of times and I can say that they do seem to improve the quality and smell of my cats teeth and gums. It's good to have found biscuits that are good for my cats and taste good, too (according to my cats, anyway). Zooplus, as always, was quick, simple and reliable.
10/09/09 | Billie
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My ragdoll loves it!

I want to give my cat a treat now and then, without worrying about his health. So I bought Dentabits. Well, he absolutely loves it! I throw the sweets away, and he loves to chase the sweets. One day we forgot to put the box away, and when we came back, he ate them all!!! We stopped giving him the sweets for a week (we didn't want to OD him) and we noticed that his breath started smelling. When we gave him his sweets again, the smell was gone again.

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