02/08/21 | Louise

Happy cats

My indoor cat started suffering with flutd (cystitis) and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. I have tried so many of the other brands including the cheaper and more expensive ones and this one is a hit with all of them it lasts me a while with 4 mouths to feed but im very happy. His flutd still flares up unfortunately but definitely no where near as bad as he was before we found out whats wrong with him
09/16/18 | Niamh


I got this for my cats when my male started suffering from crystal build ups quite frequently. The bag has lasted me about two months for three cats so great value for money. My cats are very picky also and only ate that Gourmet food but they took to this so quickly. No urine issues since switching either so win win! Definitely will be sticking with this from now on.
08/05/18 | Susie Ford

The 1 and Only Crunchie

My cats have been offered every dried food under the sun including more expensive ones but they only want this one, which has become almost impossible to buy. The high Street store that I always bought it from now doesn't stock it, despite it always selling out faster than yhey restocked it. Thank goodness for Zooplus! They always deliver in a few days reliably.
05/14/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


My cat has been to vet twice for cystitis, I found this cat food on internet & my cat hasn't had any problems since. He loves it, has some wet food now & again. He also drinks more water which he hardly drank before, it benefits him both ways.

GREAT for urinary problems

This cat food has stopped us from having any more trips to the vets with inflamed urinary tract problems for the last year and our cat actualy likes it! We found it a must to stick to the feeding weight and we also replaced part of his diet with tuna in spring water to cut down the dried food intake, would recommend trying this if you have problems.
10/30/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

very good

since previous supplier changed their turkey and rice to just turkey (james wellbelloved ), my cat has turned down many more good quality expensive brands. I discovered ultima in a local newsagents, (chicken and rice and my cat loved it). Found out that ultima must have been discontinuing it though :(. Since then the only Ultima dry cat food since they have changed it is chicken and rice urinary tract. although I wish they had not discontinued the first chicken and rice my cat loved. Took a while for my cat to eat get to like the new ultima chicken and rice , and will only eat the chicken and rice urinary tract.

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