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My fussy cat loves this

Since tasting this food it's the only food (wet or dry) that my cat will eat! Good value for good quality ethical food.
17/01/17 | Lisa
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Perfect food for fussy cats

I had been feeding my 2 fussy cats meowing heads as it's also a great food but pricey. Found this 12kg for £36.99 so tried a small bag first and it's gone down a treat!! No reaction from my cat who suffers from allergies and great meat content. My only issue is when buying such a large bag, would be for them to make it resealable. Most bags of dry food are so I've had to go source a large storage container to decant it into.
08/06/14 | Susy Greaves
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Great for sensitive cats

I changed to Almo because it is a more natural product. This spring for the first time my 4 year old cat has not had any problem with allergies. She normally scratches her neck sore right through the pollen season. This year she there has been no sign of a problem.
30/04/13 | Miss H Monaghan
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I love giving this food to my cats, because I know they will get good high quality chicken and other ingredients, there is a high percentage of poultry and the biscuits are not too big or too small, they are just the right size, this makes them easy to eat, especially for my younger cat and my older cat enjoys them too. I wanted a holistic product and Almo has given me that. I was happy with the price it is very reasonable, and I can be rest assured that I am giving my cats healthy food that they enjoy at a price I can afford.
25/04/12 | viviane
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healthy and delicious!

Ever since my cat had his castration I started feeding him Almo Nature, I loves it and I actually tried once, it was NOT OILY and I couldn't taste any salt which is VERY IMPORTANT for cats especially for the male cats. VERY NICE NATURAL CAT FOOD I WOULD SAY!
08/04/12 | Markus Hill
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At last I've found a dry food my cats love

For the past nine years, I've been looking to find a complementary dry food to my cats' main staple - Hill's Nature's Best Chicken. I've tried countless brands and flavours. Some of these they would seem to like at first, only to then go off it altogether. Others they'd snub right from the start. I first tried Almo Nature's Chicken & Rice two months ago - and all four of them are still loving it. In fact, they seem to prefer it to Nature's Best now. I'm really glad I found this, because the Almo Nature dry food isn't just cheaper than Nature's Best but it's also good to support an ethical, animal-friendly brand.
07/02/11 | Steve
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Cats loved it!

Straight away, both cats gobbled this up and begged for more. With its set of healthy ingredients, I will make this food a staple in their diet.
11/02/10 | Linda Wells
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Perfect for allergic cats

Very rare to find a dry cat food that ONLY contains chicken - which is the only meat or fish one of my cats can eat - at last she has an alternative to only one prescription diet.