05/22/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

They didn't like it

We have 5 cats, 4 of them will eat anything, and one female cat who has digestive trouble. We bought this for her, but she didn't take to it, and to our astonishment, neither did the other 4. We've never seen anything like it. Just the smell is enough to knock you back. I had to scrub their bowls clean before they would accept any other kind of food.

Cats didn't like it!

I was surprised to see that my cats are not enjoying it. Other Applaws they love.
11/27/18 | Linda Beaumont

Wet food

Whilst I can't comment on dry food since finding wet food my cats lick the bowl clean. So far so good especially as one of my two cats has a thyroid problem and this food doesn't contain calcium iodate all other brands do.
10/27/18 | Trevor Bunce

Applaws Chicken

We fed our cat Applaws chicken dry food in the late evening and were around 1 pm to the sound of our cat vomiting. At 6.30 am the cat was asking to be fed. i gave her a small amount of applaws by 8 am she was vomiting again. The first and last time our cat will be fed on Applaws Chicken. All regurgitated content was similar in color and texture, no other food was given.
03/25/17 | Hilary

Only problem is they eat too much

Mine absolutely hoof this down! They are all very fit and well with bright eyes and shiny coats. Being interested in animal welfare I like that the chickens were free run too.
03/18/17 | Giselli

Good food

It's a good food, my cat love, it but didn't really help with her senitive skin. But I recommend the food anyway
02/16/17 | Lee

Cooper's Favourite Food

My male British Shorthair absolutely loves this dried food. For the last 3 years he has been getting a small bowl at bedtime to keep him going through the night. He is always hovering around the cupboard to get it at same time every night. It has good quality ingredients. Would recommend.
02/15/17 | Sonya


I have a ragdoll cross (from 9 months old and just turned 7) that has been stress over grooming and losing condition. He's been on Hills Science Plan since I got him, I gradually changed in the last three months to Orijen mixed with Applaws and now just Applaws. Within a week of just Applaws, his fur is growing back and soft and silky again and he seems much happier and brighter again.
02/07/17 | doriefish

cant fault it

Good value, 3 cats like it, before and after the change. Doesnt make my old lady cat sick like most other dried food and they don't ask for more food after they have had it. winner all round
02/07/17 | Jo

great cat food

great quality food, good even for cats with allergies. My two just love it
10/14/16 | Hilary

High quality food and my 3 all scoff it

I read the recent reviews after placing in order then tried to cancel but was too late. I needn't have worried as it is all being scoffed by my 3 (a raggie, a birman and a tortie DSH) - and it smells just fine to me. Good to know they are eating for their future health and enjoying it.
07/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Are old cats allowed to eat it too?

Mine are pretty lively... So I'm wondering whether my 1 and a half and 3 year olds can also eat this? I've tried so many other dry foods and they don't really like wet food.. GLG

good all-rounder

My cats are happy with this and it's great value at this price. I tried Purizon but my cats got obsessed with it and got really fat - difficult to fix with more than 1 cat.
06/02/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good experience

Both of my cats love it - and have done for quite some time! I have not seen any issues in terms of adjustment or compatibility, and if my cats are anything to go by yours will love it too!
05/02/16 | Beth

Excellent, very popular with my Somalis

I bought this as a change a couple of weeks ago, for my three Somalis, previously they were eating Almo Nature Orange Label, but they seemed bored of it - so I tried the Applaws, since all their wet food is from Applaws as well. I started with a small bag to see if they would like it - they hoovered it up within a day. So, I bought a bigger bag, and again it gets hoovered up very quickly - I am amazed at how much they like it. I have 3 Somali cats, and all 3 enjoy it.
04/30/16 | nta16

Good value, better ingredients than some other higher priced dry foods

Applaws is good value and has better ingredients than some other higher priced dry foods. The gang of four (cats) prefer this to the (more budget) all meat canned wet food so eat less of the canned food now (but they all prefer Acana dry even more and Orijen dry even more still).


Neither of my cats have had any problems - my little 8 month old has been eating it for a while now and is developing into a fine specimen! They always lick the bowl clean, and I mean spotless! My 9 y/o gets the adult version and also eats well! Both of them love it!


The potatoes were increased from 10% to 14% and some sweet potato was added. Fine - with 80% meat content that's 140g on 1kg, which is still okay. When you think about grainy foods that have maximum 4% meat content then it seems like a luxury!!! However my cats get soft poo every now and then which is not very pleasant with long fur!!! Other than that - perfect food!!!
01/26/16 | Emily

Highest quality dry cat food available

Cats are obligate carnivores, so it's very important that their diet is meat-based. The digestive system of a cat was not designed to process large amounts of grain and you risk a large number of health problems if you feed them a high carbohydrate diet full of cereals and grains. My cats absolutely adore this food, and they require less of it because it packs more nutrients in each cup than a low quality cat food. They have bright eyes, gorgeous coats and tons of energy! A++ cat food.
01/22/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Perfect dry food

Regarding my pets: + very quickly accepted, our kitty devoured it without ever having eaten dry food before + very compatible, small poos, no diarrhea or itching + size is perfect, you can really stretch it if you dose it right (2 cats, 7 kg bag, with wet food lasts roughly 5 months) + Perfect shape seeing as cats don't chew so much anyway - quite salty for cat food

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