05/01/19 | Eli
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Great food for allergies and IBD

This is the best food I have found for my cats. One had a skin allergy and the other chronic colitis. After 2 days of feeding this food both the scratching and diarrhoea stopped. A month on and their coats are looking great an no more running and bloody stools. Please keep stocking as this is fantastic
16/10/18 | Reeny
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Super for my cat with IBD

One of my cats was diagnosed with IBD over a year ago. She had a big surgery at the time and nearly died :-( luckily this food keeps her on the straight & narrow. Along with alternate date of steroids.
05/02/17 | Elizabeth Davies
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Cat with IBD

Our vet prescribed this diet for my cat with IBD. This was the ONLY thing he ate for 12 months without any issue. He continued to put on weight and his coat is extremely glossy. He loves it too.