09/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Not recommended for constipation

since my cat suffers from constipation I decided to buy this cat food and it was a disaster, his stool is almost non-existent, to the point where I have to check every day if he went to the toilet. If your cat is having the same problem I would suggest Royal Canin Digestive Care instead which is great !
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10/06/20 | Jessica
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Became the dry food for my two boys

My younger cat have loose stools since he was kitten. After a bunch of fecal exams to check if he had parasites/worms/ giardia etc the vet came to a conclusion that he needed a specific food for digestive issues. This food was recommended since he was 4 months old and I honestly can say it was the only one who solved his problem. It became the Dry food not only for him, but for my older cat as well, that accepted it really well.