01/15/19 | Donna Chadifi

My cat loves them!

My cat was diagnosed with a urine infection and stress cystitis. So we were advised by the vet to purchase these. My cat is fussy with food and took to these straight away!. Its too early to tell if the diet is having any affect on her but I'm happy if she's happy. The only reason I didn't allow 5 stars is because it doesn't have a high meat content, therefore it's not as good for the my cat. It's expensive but Zooolus makes it affordable. Thanks Zooolus.. I love you! 😘

11/22/18 | Amy

2kgs lost!

Our rescue cat has lost over 2kgs with the help of the dry and wet versions of this food. Vet recommended it and we followed the food guides which incorporated mixing wet and dry options. Would buy again!


My cat would kill for it

My cat thinks every pellet is a treat. It’s weird but he’s broken in to the plastic tub I keep it in numerous times. And it works from an allergy perspective - he doesn’t rip his skin and the litter tray is almost pleasant!


Working already!

One of our three cats was greatly overweight and the vet was horrified. I thought it would be difficult to treat one differently but it has been surprisingly easy. I weigh her day's allowance into a container, she has some for breakfast and she can have more when the other two ask for their food and at bedtime. We pick up anything they don't eat so she can't eat the leftovers. All three absolutely love the diet food. After just four weeks we can see a little difference and she is a happier cat.

09/15/18 | Karen Heywood

Cats love them!

I used to buy this for my cat as she lost teeth in an accident at a young age and vet advised them. She loved them and ended up just on these chunky biscuits. We sadly lost her last year aged 17... We now buy them for our 2 new male cats but mix them with other biscuits. Both like them but one will pick them out with his paw to eat first!!


Quick delivery

Parcel was here in no time, plus my cat loves this food


Fantastic no more crystals

Pleased with this product. After a diagnosis of bad crystals I needed a prescription food for our boy, this eradicated them in several weeks. I was happy to find a reduced calorie food for crystals too as he’s on the larger side. The only minus points is that the ingredients are so poor :( I used to feed a 90% meat dry food but sadly I haven’t found any crystal food that is such high quality. None the less I have been impressed in terms of this does what it says. We will be on this long term.

08/13/18 | Alvis

Appear to do the job, even to a sceptic

Being sceptical of this type of product our vet gave a small sample pack to try. Cats enjoyed them and could see that they were actually crunching up the biscuits as designed and not just eating whole . Follow-up dental checks seem to show these are having a positive effect. Expensive and the cats do seem to go off them when the pack has been open and used for a while, so best when fresh and kept air-tight. For best effect serve these separately AFTER the cats have eaten their main meal.


Cured our cat of excessive scratching. Recommend!

Recommended by Vet to cure our female cat continually scratching her face and neck which was resulting in bleeding and scars. Within 1 week of using she stopped completely. She has an allergy to protein and this product uses a special technique that breaks down normal protein into microscopic particles. It may not be the tastiest food for a cat but she got used to it. We have to be careful that she does not sneak in any other protein (treats like turkey, milk etc) as she starts scratching again.

08/02/18 | KatyKastle

Lovely Silky Coat

The Hills ID was recommended by our Vet and luckily my cat loves the food and in fact prefers it to other mainstream brands. She looks good on it and maintains a healthy weight.

07/22/18 | Rupert Nash

Cat food

The cats like it, so does my daughter, unfortunately.

07/22/18 | Sophie

Best food for my cat

My kitty has suspected IBD. He was on hypo allergenic food but was still having diarrhoea. As soon as I put him on this he has been stable and he loves it! This is unfortunately the only food he can have but I occasionally get the zd tins for a change.


Soft poo.

I bought this food as my vet recommended for Birman cats who as a breed have sensitive digestion problems. But still his poo is soft. Not as it should be when fed a digestive care cat food. Product obviously not as good as claimed.

06/23/18 | Kathryn

Helps poor appetite and weight loss

My 16 year old cat with kidney disease was struggling with poor appetite and losing weight, but he loves this dried food (not so keen on the pouches), he's still a bit thin but has definitely put on some weight and his fur is lovely and glossy. I haven't had to hand feed him since he started this food. Hopefully it'll help keep him going for a while yet!



Our cat had some teeth removed in 2017. Our vet recommended hills prescription diet feline t/d dental care to prevent further tooth decay and plaque. Had his yearly check last week and the vet said there is no plaque, his teeth are healthy and he will not need another dental. Excellent.


Cat cured IBD eating this food

My kitty was rejected by his first owner for his poorly tummy. He came to us with diarrhoea, bleeding, he could not tolerate any other specialised foods, cooked/boiled meats, nothing. After much trial and error, this food has been a blessing. No more tummy issues. It works wonders for him. I don't know what we would do without it.


Quality food, poor delivery

I would highly recommend this food, our cat was sensitive to normal food and this has completely transformed him, however , we have to order it elsewhere as the delivery service, the company use is poor.

03/31/18 | Janice Tidy

Hill's prescription diet feline y/d Thyroid Care

17 yr. old cats.- was prescribed pills for one of my cat's, Minni, vomited everywhere so stopped them. She eats this biscuit but won't touch the soft - however her twin sister will, so feed that to her mixed in water as it is so thick, and put a little Gourmet Gold Pate on top of it. Minni has to have Gourmet Gold Pate fish only. She does looks much better now as she was getting weak. When the soft has gone will just feed the dry and whatever they fancy with it! See how it goes.

03/14/18 | Aga


My cats love this food

02/22/18 | Alan

Hills Diet Feline food

Consistently good service over a few years.

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