10/15/19 | Grace Pearson


I can only give an initial review as I only received the first bag today (small 2kg bag). For two elderly and one not quite as elderly but close enough to eat this. All three absolutely love this food. All three went back for seconds, drank their water, had a wash and are now dead to the world. Oh and snoring! Have just ordered the much bigger 10kg bag now. I'm hoping it'll help with the weight of one in particular. She's a little, ahem, on the large side.
06/25/18 | Tammy

It’s better than nothing

Definitely not a favourite. My 2 will eat this but only as there is no alternative and actually losing weight because they are not eating as much as they should. They are now on Feringa which they are eating and enjoying.
09/06/17 | Nadine

Perfect for my old man

My cat is old and has hypothyroidism. I didn't like the prices of the vets food and my cat didn't enjoy it so I did some research and found this. My cat absolutely loves it! His digestion and everything that goes with it has been so much better since switching to this. And the biscuits are small enough that he can eat them with no problems (he has hardly any teeth left in his old age) I tried the grain free version but that didn't agree with him at all. I recommend this to everyone!

great food

my cats are enjoying the taste, it is good for their digestive system
04/17/17 | Caroline gray

Finally found tasty biscuits and no sick

My 10 year old Bengal loves these and they don't make her sick. I've tried many other sensitive or digestive comfort labeled brands but she either didn't like them or they made her sick. These are a triumph and we now have a happy cat and happy owner!!
03/30/16 | Shannon

Great food

I run a private animal rescue and all my cats love this food. They stopped eating other dry food. Old cats gained weight and feel better with it.
05/05/15 | Denise


my two cats love these biscuits. My Tom cat is over weight so his main diet is mainly Bozita tetra packs (93% meat by the way😀) and a few of these biscuits thrown in for texture and additional protein. He's gradually losing his weight so will continue with Porta 21 heaven and sensible. Thanks Zooplus!😻
01/27/15 | The DoZeee Pet Bed Company

Great improvement happy cats

I just changed my 4 cats (ages range 20 years to 3years) to this & can see the difference in less than 2 weeks, their fur is better condition, they eat it all & don't keep begging for more (til their next feeding time). I find it frustrating that Zooplus don't include ingredients on the website, but found them on cat forum before purchased & I didn't get the free Cosma snacks with my bag :( This has 32% protein, 21%fat. Hope this helps
12/24/14 | Emma parr

Happy cats

I have a multicat household which is hard going finding a product all cats enjoy. I couldn't decide between this one and sanabelle sensitive as both have good reviews so I ordered a bag of both. All cats enjoy both products even my most fussiest cat so I am very happy. I am glad to find two products all of them enjoy and a reasonable price tag for good quality food
06/08/14 | Karen Rowland

Too notch good for grain allergic cats

I have two bengals aged 14 & 10 who have always suffered with lose poo. I discovered several years ago that there were allergic to grain and started buying this food. Excellent value for money, they love the food and it lasts for such a long time as they don't need to fed much. I used to buy the much more expensive brands but this one is just as good. Nice small pieces that have little holes in the centre so easy for cats to eat who may not have all their teeth.
03/27/14 | Clare Suttle

A great alternative to Applaws

I tried this out as it is a grain/soya free food which is what I wanted. I've given my lot Applaws previously, and been very happy with it, but it's a bit expensive. This promised the same high meat percentage and zero grains, but at a much more reasonable price. My cats all seem to like it very much, and I'm happy that they are getting a good quality food :o)
09/04/13 | Rob

Seems decent

I've switched to this from the 'porta21 sensible' as my cats are older (15-16), they seem to like it a lot and have lost weight.
06/07/13 | Marianna

Very good!

Usually I was using port 21 sensitive grain free (very good dry food) I want to try this new heaven dry food, and my cat she love it!

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