05/02/16 | Charcoal' Owner

Great tasting food(😸)BUT no weight loss!

My cat Charcoal enjoys this food to my surprise. And his fur is in far better condition, silky and soft. All good news you may think however he has yet to loose any weight sadly...even after a few months on this food. Maybe Charcoal is too greedy 😹😹😹

06/10/14 | Sounita

Best food...

My cats, Ninja and Nimrod are very fussy and they have been eating Purina One Light for over 2 years as their basic diet. They really love this food and I plan to keep feeding them it. Its great that I can order it in bulk too.


The cats love it

the cats love this and helps to keep the weight down on one of them, he also has a very sensitive tummy and this is the only dry food that I've found that doesnt affect him

06/08/14 | Michelle

Cats love this!

Super food for cats with sensitive stomachs. Maintains health and keeps cats feeding regulated.

04/13/14 | Rita

my fussy cats loves this

I've tried all makes of dried food for my two cats, some cheap, some expensive, but this is their absolute favourite. I know my cats would definitely recommend this product.