03/10/18 | anne hanley

Not eating this batch

Have had good results up till this large bag I have 4 cats and they are all not wanting to eat this and also find with this food in the past some time it's regurgitated soon after eating not sure what to do know have all this food they won't eat very costly

02/05/17 | Wendi F

Best food ever

Our kitties ..now 6 years old had very delicate tums from birth .... Lots of tests at vets ... Swapped and changed from brands , but pro plan delicate saved the day .. No more issues with delicate tums... Our other 2 cats love it and there is never any waste as the cats never get bored of it ... Would never consider buying anything else

07/20/16 | Anne Chalmers

Excellent Food

Having tried several brands including Hills Science Plan, Royal Canin, decided to give this one a go for my 2 Ragdolls who both have very delicate tummies and finally the bad episodes are few and far between. They both enjoy the taste and the price is very reasonable especially the 10kg x 2 bags. Sticking with Purina Pro Plan Delicate!

02/26/16 | Mummycat

Excellent Food

Got 2 Ragdolls with very delicate tummies & after trying loads of different foods have finally found this one which they both love & only very occasionally have a dodgy belly now, so very pleased.


excellent food

My cat had very loose stools until we tried this on a vet's recommendation. It cured it straight away and we haven't looked back.


Mrs D

Both my cats love this cat food! They can be quite fussy but devoured this with no hesitation!

03/02/15 | MonkeyMaus

Great for the cat with the sensitive stomach & taste is great

My boy has a very sensitive stomach to the point of having tests at the vets. He's also a fussy eater and would refuse dried food. He loves to eat this and it's great for his tummy too.

10/08/14 | alexandra

Pro-Plan renal care

my 4 cats all enjoy eating this recipe from Pro-Plan.

12/23/13 | Kay

Great for catrs with sensitive tummies :)

My Macy has the most sensitive tummy ever,Her diarrhoea was awful,(most unpleasant as I have long haired cats). I have tried her on many different foods, But am happy to say that she has been eating Pro Plan Delicate for a few years now with no problems. It is brilliant, all my 3 indoor cats eat this and have very healthy coats.

09/13/09 | lucie

excellent for cats with persistent diarrhoea

Whenever my 13 yrs old tom has loose stools, and it seems to occur more frequently these days, especially when fed with soft food (whether fresh meat or commercially prepared), I have discovered that I can really count on this product without fail : it always stops the diahrroea very quickly. I am very impressed and my puss undoubtedly more so!


Pro Plan great for sensitive skin

Pro Plan delicate has been terrific. When Nutro cat food was withdrawn from the market it took me ages to find something my cats liked to replace it. To make matters worse my Burmese cat seemed to suddenly suffer from sensitive skin (she never had this problem while on Nutro.) In desperation tried Pro Plan - has worked brilliantly. I still do not feel her coat is as glossy - but she loves it - and no more scratching- yay!

08/20/08 | Jimmie Walton-Turner

Great for older cats with delicate stomaches

My cat has become intolerant of some foods as he has become older and is easily sick. I used to give IAMS but found this food which he has had for 2 years and it works great. My younger cat also likes it so no issues there. Change his food and he is sick again so this is a wonderful find.

03/12/07 | jo

Purina Pro Plan Delicate

This food has proved excellent for my female black and white rescue cat. She is 7 this year,very fit and healthy now thanks to this food. She has a small delicate stomach and when fed on any other foods causes her to vomit. (I also have a Bengal who can eat anything and occasionally my black and white eats her food)

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