08/09/22 | Aggie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Delighted kitties!

Bought this for my Maine Coon pack. I like the fact that the kibble is quite big and it forces them to chew rather than just swallow. Taste wise it must be good as even the kittens ditched their kitten Purizon and went for the big kibble. Now, it must be stressed here that our cats are on wet food mostly and the dry food is only used in emergency or if the weather is hot and we have to leave the house for a few hours, so can’t say if there would be any gastrointestinal issues when fed this 24/7
04/10/21 | Vita
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Caused diarrhoea

Got this food for my Maine coon. Hi loved this food very much but approximately after a week on this food he got a severe diarrhoea ( 5-6 times a day very liquid poo). But my two other feral cats had no problem and loved this food.