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Best dry food for Ragdolls

My four Ragdolls have a mix of both wet and dry foods, and I have tried a lot of different foods to find the 'perfect' one. With dry foods, there is no doubt this is the best, and whenever I try anything else, I always find myself coming back to buy this, and the cats all look at me with a huge sigh of relief! I won't be changing again, my Ragdolls are definitely happier and healthier on this food, and they absolutely love it.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
20/01/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Best dry food

My ragdoll prefers this to any other dry food I have tried so far. I keep feeding her more types as I dont want her to only eat this but she always prefers this.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
05/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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My ragdolls no longer have diarrhea!

The first day I introduced this dry food, my cats' stools solidifieded and there was no foul smell. Their trips to the litter box also went down! No more chronic diarrhea or soft stools. Happy kitties, happy cat slaves!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
01/11/20 | Brigit
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Seems to be yummy ;)

My Ragdolls have liked this from the first time I gave it to them and it has never caused an upset stomach
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Very fatty kibble

My Ragdoll cat doesn't like it, the kibble is too fatty, he doesn't eat it.
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20/09/18 | Cheryl Thorne
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Royally the best

My cats Boulez and Meggie can't get enough of this food. They also have indoor longhair and sterilised available from the same range but these are definitely passed over for the Ragdoll variety. They like to remind me how good it is with their crunching throughout the night.
26/01/18 | Tamz
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Served our 3 Ragdolls well

Our 3 Ragdolls (2 male 1 female) have all been on this for a few years, and are going to turn 7 soon. We used to use a mix of two other Royal Canin foods, and still mix, so they have roughly two parts Ragdoll to one part Royal Canin Sensible, this mix has served them well. It is fed alongside wet food twice a day & I think it has helped keep their teeth healthy & clean as a wet food diet alone can cause more dental problems. Wish they would start a senior Rag doll,as they will need soon.
09/01/18 | Janhavee
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My two year old son Zephyr started having Royal Canin Ragdoll food about two months ago. Kid you not, the changes were clearly noticed in a week since he started. The fur has gone fuller and so much more healthier, his bowels have gotten more stable and completely healthy. He feels more fresh and active.. the food is so crunchy and filling! He loves it so much that he literally gets tears of joy after finishing his meal :-D! Great food and great health! yummy in my boy's tummy forever :-)))
01/01/18 | Cole
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Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it
06/10/17 | khalsan
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original n very good quality,healthy food,i recommend it highly ,my cats very healthy n help hair growing up.less price than other sellers
13/08/16 | Barbara
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Loved by both of our Ragdolls

Our ragdolls are just over 3 years olds and have been on this food for approx 18 months. We moved them onto this from the Royal Canin Sterilised food and they now have far less hairballs and are consequently only sick on v rare occasions.
20/07/16 | Mandy Warren
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My 3 Rag-dolls & 1 Shorthair love it still after 6 months

Still eating and crunching away after selecting 6 months ago. I also feed a ferrel, domestic shorthairs and all enjoy. Coats are silky smooth and definitely noticed the difference in my older cats fur. I also feed a wet food in the morning and evening alongside the dry. Also use a water fountain water dish which is also great to keep their water intake good.
08/07/16 | Alex
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My cat loves it

My cat is cray about treats and the dry food is also good. He ate it in a min 👍🏻
20/04/16 | Ollie's Mum
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The only dry food my fussy beautiful Ragdoll enjoys

My six year old Ragdoll has skin and digestive allergies which his vet said has made him food fussy (because he is sensitive and would vomit easily...) Ollie has been enjoying this dry food for almost two years without any allergic issues! His coat etc are at champion level! His vet was praising him these past two annual apps! And he hasn't gone off it which is so important!
25/01/16 | Amanda O'Donnell
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Bring a 4kg bag please!!

My girl loves it but the bag size available isn't great. Goes from 2kg to 10kg! Where is the 4kg bags!?
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My 2 Ragdolls love absolutely love this food

I have two large male ragdolls (Walter and Bertie). One is 2years old and one is 1.5yrs old (at time of writing). My Ragdolls have been on Royal Canin Kitten food since they came into our life (when they were 12weeks old). When they reached 12months old i switched them to Royal Canin Ragdoll dry food and they both absolutely love it... Empty bowls all the time so i definitely recommend it. Good sized food so its east for them to eat it. I also feed them the Royal Canin instinctive wet food
03/05/15 | gillian wood
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Royal Canin for Ragdolls

Great product & price my 2 ragdolls love this :)
17/09/13 | louise
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about time!!!

ive been trying to buy more of this since first buying some at a show!! just need to bring out a kitten one now :)